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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ed Schultz Says He's, "not an expert on alcoholism because I'm not an alcoholic."

23 minutes into the second hour of his Wednesday Liberal Talk Radio Program, Ed Schultz says, "I'm not an expert on alcoholism because I'm not an alcoholic."

Well, sure you are Ed. You are an alcoholic. How else can you explain being so drunk, so shitfaced, that you shot your own dog on a hunting trip and used to beat your first wife, Maureen, black and blue and bloody?

Ed, you are an alcoholic. The first sign of being an alcoholic is denying that you are one! This would be sad if it weren't so funny. And if it's funny, well...then it can't be sad!



I had to laugh when I heard Rhodes and Schultz buried their long-standing "feud" at the convention.

I guess she needed him to hold the fridge door open, while she filled up the ice cube tray for happy hour...

We really need a better class of nitwits on the air, but I'm not holding my breath.
Oh, I hadn't heard about the burying of the "feud." That is funny.

Liberal Radio is just full of angry talkers. Every last one of them. Franken was the most angry and I'm glad he's gone.

Anger must "sell" to the Liberal audience. If anyone on Conservative radio behaved like Rhodes, or Malloy or Schultz - oh fuck, the MSM and the Leftwing Media would be having a field day in pointing out the "hate".

Steaphanie Miller is another uptight and angry cunt. WTF is it with the Liberal women? They need more dick? ;-)

Always pleased and honored when you visit and comment Hash. I always learn something from what you write.
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