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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Desperate Obama Releases 2-Minute Ad

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior has released a two-minute campaign ad. And no, I'm not linking to it. The prior link is to a news story describing the ad.

In the ad Obama addresses the economy, blue-collar workers, unemployment and what he calls petty attacks. I wonder if he means petty attacks like Lipstick On A Pig?

I suspect Obama's goal in the two-minute ad is his attempt to make nice with all those voters who cling to their religion and their guns. Yeah, the group he alienated.

I suppose he wants to reach out to the bowling crowd, you know, the folks who like a beer and a burger instead of goat cheese, arugula and vintage wine.

Whoa - this just reeks of desperation on the part of The Illinois Muslim...The Pied Piper From Illinois...Ted Kennedy's Poodle...The Obamalith...Osama Hussein Obama...Bele...FraudBama (thanks, Molson)...Baby Barack...Chimpy McObama Poodle.

In the political campaign world a two minute ad is mind-boggling and mind-numbing. No one - no one - except the blind and unquestioning dutiful Obama Cultist will pay attention to this ad. No one will remember what it's about the moment its over.

A two minute ad? Desperate, distressed, panicked, frightened, flustered. I'd almost say "spooked", but if I did the Obama Cultists would say using that term connotes racism on my part.

Oh, what the hell - Obama is spooked.

No it isn't.

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It looks like he's changed his position on fundraising for the dems.
Hi Scar - what's he done now? I haven't heard the latest. Lemme know. Thanks!
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