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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dean Barkley The Spoiler

A few months ago ex-Minnesota one-term Governor Jesse "The Idiot" Ventura pimped the media with speculation that he might enter Minnesota's Senate race between incumbent RINO Norm Coleman and the Democrat Hate and Smear Merchant King of Sleaze Al "F*%k You" Franken.

Ventura decided not to enter the race, but his so-called interest in the race brought the spotlight to it, making way for an opening for Dean Barkley, a man who is a complete Ventura toady. Barkley is like those little parasite fish who hang around larger fish feeding off table scraps.

Just to be clear - and I've written his many times in the past - I do not and will not support the re-election of RINO Coleman. I voted for him six years ago, but this year no way, no how. Not happening. This doesn't mean I'm voting for Hebe Franken, far from it. Unless something motivates me to change my mind, I'm sitting this election out.

Various polls show Coleman and Franken tied with Barkley garnering somewhere around 13% of the vote. Barkley is taking votes away from Coleman - and this is fine, he's entitled to run as a Third Party candidate. What galls me is Barkley's message is that he can win. No, he can't and he won't win. If this is false, then maybe Mr. Barkley wants to make a large cash wager with me. I doubt he will take me up on my offer.

Electing Franken would apocalyptic for the state and the country. The last thing the body politic needs is another angry, hateful, divisive and totally unqualified and inexperienced Senator, which is what electing Franken will bring.

I suspect Barkley is covertly working with the Franken campaign to unseat Coleman, I just wish Barkley would admit this, if he did at least I could say he's being honest.

Norm hasn't purged his Liberal blood from when he was a Democrat. If Norm had kept his promises on drilling for oil in Alaska and not voted one too many times with the Democrats I might have supported his re-election. It's not that Norm didn't vote enough with the Republicans, it's that he didn't vote in the best interests of Conservatives.

It's unfortunate that Coleman wasn't challenged by a true Conservative Republican for his Senate seat. This is the problem with Republicans and we saw this earlier this year in Minnesota when six little RINOs voted with the Democrats to pass a bill that raised taxes in what was an override of a veto by Minnesota Governor RINO Tim Pawlenty.

This is the problem with too many people who think of themselves as Republicans. They'll vote for a RINO like Norm Coleman knowing he doesn't represent true Conservative ideology. This is the problem with people who claim they are Conservatives who vote for RINOs. Then they complain when the "R" they voted for turns out to be a RINO. Well, you made your bed, get ready to sleep in it for a while.

If Franken does win because Barkley's candidacy serves no purpose other than that of a spoiler, I have six years worth of material to write about and ridicule with Franken. I get little material from Coleman.

Barkley is a Spoiler, there's no other way to describe him. He won't win, he can't win. Saying believing or thinking that he will win is pure fantasy on his part.


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Lets just say that the odds of him winning is one in 100 trillion (I think it's safe to say you and I agree that his actuall chances are more then 100 million times that), he still has to play to that one chance.

The first thing he must do is be fairly consistent to what he has run on in the past, which includes fiscally conservitive values (something that Norm Coleman lacks). Second he has to look at his opponents and relize that as it stands he can't win unless both his opponents are under 35%, which means that unless he knocks his stronger opponent (Norm Coleman) down there is no sense in competing. Barkley is lucky to have a completly worthless Democratic opponent in Al Franken who realilisticly will drop like a rock as soon as Barkley is ready to knock him out.

So the basic question is does Barkley ever become a real factor, and if not will Coleman be able to lay the knock out punch to the extreamly flawed Franken.

As for the idea that he's not going to bet you, if you think thats a smart political play that would help him win such a bet please make that argument.
Well Mike, I just paid a brief visit to you hypertext and it appears (key word: "appears") that you have a vested interest in Barkley since you're blogging for Barkley.

I agree Franken is flawed, but never underestimate the ability of Democrats and Liberals in general to vote for any idiot or fool with a "D" behind their name. Amy Klobuchar is proof positive of this.

Coleman only needs to knock out Franken. Barkley's poll popularity has probably - in my opinion - hit its high point where it now stands, somewhere around 13% plus or minus a point or two.

Did you think Ventura was really going to run for the Senate, or was his coyness before announcing he won't run just a media ploy for garnering attention for Barkley?

As for the idea that he's not going to bet you, if you think thats a smart political play that would help him win such a bet please make that argument.

Heh, Mike, buy yourself a sense of humor.
Ha ha ha!!! Good one man if he thinks he can win he should bet you.

As for who I'm blogging for, I don't know Dean Barkley, I don't volunteer for Barkley, and in fact endorsed Jack Uldrich prior to the primary.

I can tell you what I won't tolerate. Tax and spend liberals like Coleman and Franken. Coleman must be beat, Franken must be beat.
Fair enough, Mike. ;-)

I didn't say or imply that you "know" Barkley, only that it appears you are blogging for him.

It seems to me that the Dems had better choices to run than Franken, especially the late entry of Prisilla Lord Faris (one or two "r's" - I forget and I'm late for another gig so I'm not going to look it up).

Jack Nelson Palmeyer is far too Liberal for my tastes, but what I heard and saw of him, at least he was civil, fair, non-combative and he certainly seemed to have a grasp what he believes, unlike Franken.

I voted for Norm 6 yrs ago. Not this time. I'm sitting this one out. I'm not all that excited about McCain either. I like Palin alot, but she's not enough to get me to rethink my sitting out - at least not so far.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it. Stop by in the future and hold my feet to the fire and I will do the same at your blog.
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