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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bristol Palin Just Like Obama's Mother

Oh, those wacky, vile, double-standard, hypocrisy practicing members of The Insane Liberal Clown Posse, and especially the Obama Cult Followers.

They can't help but point fingers - from their glass houses, mind you - that Bristol Palin, age 17, daughter of the lovely Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin and her husband Todd, is pregnant.

This is most humorous .

Isn't the Democrat Presidential Candidate a product of an 18-year old unwed mother? Gee, it sure is funny how quickly those Obama Cultists forget the genesis of The One.

Even The Affirmative Action Candidate says and has asked his supporter to "back off these [types] of stories," and that children of candidates are off limits.

I wonder if the Obama Cultists will listen to their Messiah? Oh, that is a riddle wrapped in an enigma inside a sausage. Yep, it's a puzzler, all right.

Hockey Moms are not to be messed with. You just don't know what you're getting into messin' with a Hockey Mom. The Libs will learn this the hard way.

"No bounce for Barry!"

Oh, and that photo that all the LefTards are running at their sites and blogs, the one they claim shows Bristol with a "baby-bump" and implying she is Trig's mom? Nice try Libs. That photo predates Trig's birth date by something like 10 or 11 months. Is the Left now rewriting the timeframe for the human gestation period?

Hey, Obamaniacs, you're looking pretty desperate these days. No bounce for Barry after the Dem convention. Yeah, he should be leading by 10 points...but he's not.

Wait...Barry who? The media has thrown him under the bus for Sarah Palin and Gustav.

Yep, Liberals and Progressives can win on the issues. Yeah...riiiiight.


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Have you ever noticed that it's the supporters of the candidates who are the biggest assholes and cause the most damage to a candidate’s campaign (usually). Oh, the candidate does his or her own basic dirty work and people latch on to it like leeches... but it's mostly those TRYING TO HELP who really make a big mess.

I had my own "thoughts" on this one… entitled "Bristol - Punished with a Baby, Per Obama". Do you think that’s inappropriately titled?
I think your title is spot on, Bug.

Now...on to more pressing matters.

The Ellie fan club, of which I am the Regional Midwest Director, is clamoring for more photos of her. ;-)
Ask and ye shall receive... http://bugmemoirs.blogspot.com
Oh Thank you! I was at the link and left a comment. What precious pictures! The last one, with someone holding up her chin, Ellie looks like she's thinking, "okay, can we get this over with so I can get back to doing what I was doing.".

Both Ellie and Thumper are adorable!

Thanks for the newest pics!
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