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Friday, September 05, 2008

Biden Will Avoid Personal Attacks?

Joe Biden says he will be "unrelenting" with Sarah Palin but promises not to personally attack her. FOX News:

    Joe Biden said Thursday he will be “unrelenting” in his debate with Sarah Palin on the issues, but will steer clear of personal attacks.

    Biden spoke at a veterans’ roundtable in Virginia Beach, Va., after John McCain’s running mate gave a rousing speech the night before at the Republican National Convention. Her speech included several attacks on Barack Obama, casting him as a lofty orator with no record.

Why would he even say this? There were no personal attacks made against him or The Affirmative Action Candidate by Sarah Palin in her speech Wednesday night. Palin hit hard on Biden and Obama's record and Obama's lack of experience - but she never attacked them personally.

It's only a matter of time until Joe breaks his promise. We know this, because he's broken all his promises in the past.

The Dems are in panic mode. They are scared sh*tless over the unity and cohesiveness that Palin brings to the Republican base and Conservatives. The Insane Liberal Clown Posse will have no choice but to personally attack Palin and John McCain. Watch and see, watch and see.


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Dude, that image freaks me out.
Heh! Two Dogs, Biden should scare all of us, pho-shopped or not!
So I heard today a big named Republican operative say he was not going to attack Joe Biden personally... no wait I didn't hear that...in fact aside from the snickers I really haven't heard much from the "right" about Biden at all...

LOL! I wonder when Obama will dump Biden as his running mate and beg on bended knee for Hillary?
while that would have been smart of him it would steal his thunder as being historic... yet another thing that the choice of Palin has done...lol
Yeah, Obama dropping Biden would give total credence to McCain picking Palin, wouldn't it. Nice jab!
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