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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm Back, For The Moment

Chances are that I will resume publishing on a regular basis at some point in the near future. Then again, I may not. I don't really know at this time.

I have not updated any comments that were left over the past three weeks, but will try to get to them - and respond to them - soon.

DD your back! Hopefully you are just too busy to blog and nothing worse. Well at least the skin covered turd called Biden was able to call you out of hopefully temporary retirement. Be well.
Always a pleasure to hear from you Molson.

I sort of forgot how short the summer months are and how quickly they they go by, and that was part of the reason for the hiatus. And some other stuff as well.

I hope to be back to publishing on a regular basis soon.

I will stop by your place a bit later today. I'm betting you have several new photos up since the last time I was there.

Take care, thanks for commenting and visiting.
I was missing your writing while you were gone. I'm happy to see you've returned.
Thanks EC.

The Lunatic Convention in Denver is too tempting to pass up writing about; although I may not be updating every day on it.

As for the future, the best I can say at this time is that I should return to full time blogging at some point, but there is a possibility I may not.

Thanks for always being a part of this blog, visiting and commenting - even the few times you and I have disagreed. You are a civil and open-mineded person, and no blogger can ask for a better type of commenter.
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