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Monday, August 04, 2008

Democrats Worried Franken Can't Win;
Lord Faris Challenges Franken

Fellow Democrat, lawyer Priscilla Lord Faris, is worried that Minnesota Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate Al Franken cannot win.

Ms. Faris says (search on terms Priscilla Faris and Franken if the link brings you to a "register for free before we let you read our story" page), Duluth Budgeteer:

    [Franken] has a real Minnesota problem because, first of all, he lived in New York for 36 years, and he comes in here and the only reason he’s in Minnesota is to represent Minnesotans in the Senate.


    [Franken has] degraded women and told, I mean, horrendous sexual jokes about very famous women — Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer and a couple other women.

    And then he has made fun of drunk driving, which is very hurtful to victims — of which I am, because my son was killed by a drunk driver — and I don’t think that’s very helpful. In his humor, he’s very angry; he yells at people, he screams at them and kind of swears at them.


    He didn’t pay his taxes in 18 states, and then in New York he didn’t pay his workers’ comp for over two years. He’s put his own employees at risk, and he blamed his accountant. He said, “Well, I didn’t know I was supposed to pay it.” So he doesn’t take responsibility for it.


    Their biggest concerns are his language and the way he treats women, and his taxes — most Minnesotans, you don’t get away with not paying your taxes. … He knew all of this, and then he also won’t take responsibility for that, he blames it on his vetting company that he hired. He says, “Well, they never found it.” Well, he’s the one that should’ve known it and told them about it. So, yeah, I’ve talked to very prominent DFLers who say he cannot win, and they don’t know what to do because they want to stay with the DFL. They have told me that we have got to get a different candidate. So, I believe that in the next couple weeks I will be getting some endorsements, some good, strong DFLers.

Not only does Franken think jokes about rape are funny, he thinks jokes about child abuse are funny too.

Franken has refused offers from Faris to debate.

Whatsamatter Al, running scared?



Yeah. Franken is about as appealing as an upper decker on a hot summer day. Don't worry though. When the asswipe doesn't get elected, it won't be his fault. It will be some kind of vast Republican conspiracy. Same goes for Fraudbama as well.
"as appealing as an upper deck on a hot summer day."

Absolutely! I could not have stated it better.

Franken is such a vile, angry, bitter fuckward. You think he'd be happy considering his wealth, his celebrity, his A-List status in entertainment -- but as are all Liberals, it never is enough. They have to CONTROL those less fortunate.

I cannot fucking stand the little Kike.

Ditto Obama the Muslim. Fucking liars all of them.
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