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Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome RedState.com Readers!

Welcome RedState.com readers!

A writer at RedState, named "Speciallist", was kind enough to link to a June post I published regarding Malik Obama (Barack's half-brother) and other Obama relatives who said they were surprised to learn that Barack Obama doesn't consider himself a Muslim. It's "news" to Malik and other Kenyan relatives that Obama is not a Muslim. Hmmmmm...

Speciallist also wrote that "Drake has an epic blogroll."

Thank you! I think very highly of those on my blogroll. Some are kind enough to reciprocate linking back and it's always a good feeling when a compliment comes your way, so I want to pass the same on to those that I link to, regardless of whether or not they link back to me. I never fail to learn something new or find a new way to look at something when I visit those wonderful, hard-working bloggers on my roll. They are a fine group of people.

Thank you, RedState.

Now, just to add one other item to this whole controversy of Barack Hussein Obama, Junior being, or not being a Muslim, one must ask: if he is a Christian as he claims, why did he say “I was a little Jakarta street kid,” [said Obama] in a wide-ranging interview in his office. [...] He once got in trouble for making faces during Koran study classes....

Is it common for Christian children in Jakarta to attend Muslim schools and learn the Koran? Maybe it is. Then again, maybe it isn't. Then again, maybe Barack is a big fat liar.

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