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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Hit News

McDonald's sued for failure to pay overtime. Courthouse News Service:

    McDonald's stiffs its assistant managers for overtime pay "on average, at least 10 to 20 hours per week," a class action claims[.]

Ronald counters saying, "we're just clowning around."
- - - - -
This one is sad, people. Really sad.

The Prague Post reports that
human rights advocates and some legislators are proposing a law that will allow minors to undergo sex-change operations:

    Human Rights Minister Džamila Stehlíková wants to present a draft law to the government allowing minors to undergo sex-change procedures, the Czech News Agency reported Friday.

    The Government Work Group for Sexual Minorities wants people younger than 18 years to be able to start the treatment.


    If a girl who feels she is a boy starts menstruating and her breasts start to grow, or a boy who feels he is a girl starts sprouting a beard, they are very unhappy,"[said Dr. Ivo Procházka, of the Czech Sexuological Association].

Adolescent problems and issues often are fluid, they change, they are not permanent. What any youth or teen thinks or believes one day can easily change to the complete opposite belief the next day...or in five minutes. What a horrible mistake it would be for a child to, at one point think their gender is wrong, only to change their mind in a few months or years while during the interim being saddled with undergoing drug treatment gender reclassification. Don't minors have enough problems the way it is without having to inject heavily-weighted decisions like this? Is my take on this wrong? If so, tell me, leave a comment.
- - - - -
Now...there's not a direct link (URL) to this story, but it's found on Portugal News Online and titled: Organ Donation:

    It is not a widely-known fact, but anyone residing in Portugal, Portuguese or foreign, is presumed a consenting organ donor unless the contrary is manifested by obtaining a legal document that states the person does not want to be considered for donation upon his or her death. This is the basis of the country’s organ donation ‘Presumed Consent’ law, which whilst not totally mandatory (relatives’ consent in many cases is still sought), is believed by numerous researchers to be more effective in saving lives compared with the ‘registered consent’ system. It is also a topic that has frequently caused turbulent ethical debate.

I think the "Presumed Consent" to donate one's organs without donor consent strictly stated on, say, a driver's license or ID, would indeed cause turbulent ethical debate. Read the whole story. What do you think about it? Add a comment. Should anyone be "presumed" to be an organ donor?
- - - - -
Finnish karaoke club breaks world record with 446 hours. Newsroom Finland

I wonder if Devo's "Whip It" was among the repertoire?
- - - - -
Norwegians "pay their taxes with joy"? Aftenposten:

    "It's incredible how much tax people will tolerate when they're used to high tax levels," commented the organization's leader, Jon Stordrange. He still doesn't think Norwegians' willingness to pay high taxes is universal.

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's plans as president will raise taxes trillions of dollars. Maybe he should run for elected office in Norway?
- - - - -
Free bicycles! Free bicycles for residents of housing associations. 24Dash:

    Environmentally-conscious residents at a new housing development in Leicester are getting on their bikes thanks to a housing association.

    Housing and regeneration group LHA-ASRA is offering Halfords vouchers to all residents at Knighton Lane, in Aylestone, so they can buy a bike and get fit while being kind to the environment. And with petrol prices rocketing in recent months, riding a bike is the cheap travel option too.

And the best part is that the bikes are FREE! FREE! We all know that when something is FREE that no one else is picking up the tab! Because it's "Free"!
- - - - -
Eight foot high chain fences.

Ambulances on standby.

Streets cordoned off.

Law enforcement officials aplenty.

What could it be? Could it be the way Democrat protesters will be handled at the Republican Convention is St. Paul? Could it be the way Conservative protesters will be handled at the Democrat Convention in Denver?

No. It was how the Gay Pride parade was handled in Pest, Hungary. Budapest Sun:

    "Either this is a parade," I thought, "Or a terrorist threat." It was the former. The Budapest gay pride parade was scheduled for 4:00; at 3:15 the police confined onlookers to individual blocks of sidewalk.

- - - - -
Dogs that sniff for money. Aftenposten:

    Customs authorities want a new tool to combat currency smuggling: Dogs that can smell money.


    "Customs authorities want dogs that can smell money. British Customs have used such dogs successfully and we want to find new ways of combating this type of economic crime," says BjørnRøse, head of the Norwegian Customs and Excise Directorate.

- - - - -
Nude stand-up comedy...nude yoga...and - sheesh - nude dining. The New York Post:

    "We're just more comfortable nude," said John Ordover, who rents city eateries for dinner parties with a strict dress code - no clothes allowed.


    About 50 diners - whose motto is "no hot soup" - regularly turn up for Ordover's monthly meals held at venues including the Mercantile Grill on Pearl Street and Pete's Downtown in Brooklyn.

Yeah...dining with a bunch of naked people. Wow! Doesn't that just sound appetizing? "Move your tits out of my way and pass the ketchup." Gawd...nude dining...nude dining! I can't even stand the public display of feet.

the sex change law for minors isn't a well thought out idea in my opinion. Teens and minors change their minds like you said from one minute to the next. I dont think it's a good idea allowing minors to begin sex change procedures. their brain hasn't fully developed enough in order to make an informed decision. where's the harm in waiting until they are adults?

Thanks for adding the term that I couldn't think of when I wrote the post: "informed decision." That is it exactly. Adults can't even make informed decisions on many things and yet minors are supposed to have concluded that if they are male maybe they should be a female or the other way around.

It seems too much of a rush, to allow minors - even with parental consent as the full story notes - to undergo drug therapy for sex change.

Man, talk about being scarred for life if the minor regrets making his/her decision.

Thanks for your input EC.
I hate to be a conspiracy minded but... liberals love to eat away at everything else from families to churches to social networks... everything but Government...

If you get in with them early... they become beholden to you. If it "works" then they feel they owe you loyalty for your allowing them to undergo it at such a young age. If it turns out to be a mistake...they're so fucked up that they no longer fit in mainstream society, and they are then told that only liberals will accept them….

I don't particularly care one way or another if you want your shekel chopped off... ok, but this is, like all other liberal ideas, a bribe.

Spot on, as usual. If an adult wants to change from male to female or female to male, as long as I don't have to pitch in for the prices of the change, go for it, I don't care.

But to allow children to begin this procedure when they don't know what they want or don't want is insanity.

Most of us in our teens "knew everything" (our parents couldn't tell us something, right?) and not too long after our teens - in our twenties - actually realized that we didn't "know everything" we thought we knew as a teen.

It's insanity to let minors and their consenting parents go through with this.

As always, thank you for your input.
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