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Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Hit News

Italian dermatologist says sunbathing can prevent tumors. Life In Italy:

    Patrizio Mulas, the president of the Italian Hospital Dermatology Association (Adoi), said people should not be afraid of soaking up rays since exposure to the sun is crucial to the body's generation of Vitamin D.

    ''The summer is the perfect time to enjoy the benefits of the sun, and sometimes an exaggerated fear of developing skin cancer risks doing more harm than good,'' Mulas said. ''Constant exposure for two hours reduces the risk of developing prostate, breast and colon cancer by up to 50%,''he claimed.

- - - - -
No more thongs! No more will students sport thongs, Bermuda shorts, exposed navels or whale tails peeking out of low-rise designer jeans. Italian schools will resemble private colleges with the same uniform for everyone. Corriere Della Sera:

    This is the latest crusade launched by the minister of education, Maria Stella Gelmini of the People of Freedom (PDL), to assert equality in the classroom and halt the slide in standards of dress. It all started with a proposal from Gabriella Giammarco (PDL), one of Italy’s youngest parliamentarians.

- - - - -
Prague citizens adjusting to no-public drinking law. Prague Post:

    Prague residents and visitors are spending the first half of July adjusting to a new code of conduct on the city streets. The July 1 enactment of a revised littering ban was closely followed by the July 7 enactment of new restrictions on public alcohol consumption.

    While it’s too early to gauge the effects of the drinking regulations, the week-old littering ban has begun to produce results.

- - - - -
Norway's murder rate falling, while robbery rate skyrocketing. Aftenposten:

    While Norway's murder rate has fallen by nearly half, its number of robberies has skyrocketed. In Oslo, home break-ins are up nearly 60 percent over last year.

    Bold thieves, believed to be professional and largely from eastern Europe, are breaking into homes both during broad daylight and even at night while their occupants are at home sleeping.

- - - - -
Long time Rolling Stones' guitarist Ronnie Wood in rehab. BBC:

    Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood is "seeking help" with his battle with alcohol in a rehabilitation centre, a spokeswoman for the star has confirmed.

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