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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Obama Has Plane Trouble

"It's an emergency landing for Obama. Oh, the Drama! The nail-biting drama!"

Uh-oh...the airplane of Osama Barack Hussein Obama, Junior had to make an
emergency landing. Press TV:

    Democratic contender Barack Obama's plane has been forced to make an unplanned landing in St. Louis after facing a mechanical trouble.

    The pilot told passenger Monday that the plane had encountered a problem related to the "controllability of the pitch". Pitch is the position of the nose up or down relative to the wings.

    Though everybody was safe on the campaign plane, Obama's senior advisor Linda Douglass described the emergency landing as "a precautionary move,"

    The Illinois senator was on his way from Chicago to Charlotte, North Carolina, to deliver an economic address.

Peruse these names and see how many of them died in airplane related causes.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying Obama Airlines.
The airline of Hope and Change."


    As the plane made its descent, the pilot said the problem had been fixed and announced: "We have full authority of the aircraft."


    The airplane, an MD-80, is a substitute for the usual plane used by the campaign, which is being overhauled before the November election against Republican John McCain.

And read about Ron Brown, Bill Clinton's Commerce Secretary who died in a plane crash. And he what -? He had a bullet hole in his head? Why, that sounds like a conspiracy!

How many names can you find of friends of Bubba who died in mysterious plane crashes! Winner gets a prize?

Obama's plane had an upturned-nose. How appropriate. The rumors on the Liberal web sites are already batsh*t crazy that with airplane-death-conspiracy-rumors a la Paul Wellstone's plane. "Attention Liberals, This is Big Brother Speaking - in other words - Barack: Tin Foil Hat Alert! Tin Foil Hat Alert!"

"Whoops! Just kidding!"


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Why is it *giggle* that I can so hear Obama asking "Have you ever seen a grown man naked, Billy?"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha....
Fraudbama's plane nearly does not even come close to crashing and it's a vast right wing conspiracy. LOL. The Clintlers leave a body count in their wake that reads like a passenger list from the Titanic and it is all merely coincidence. Speaking of vast right wing conspiracies, Richard Cohen blames the current energy crisis on Ronald Reagan. I crap you not. It is in his "On the Left" editorial in IBD. He also states..."Reaganism- to which all Republicans now swear allegiance- has outlived its very short usefulness and ought to be junked." In favor of what I have to ask? Marxism???? We know how well that works. I'll take Reaganism any day. Cohen is such a leftard POS. Hopefully that fecking climate justice loving turd forms a close business alliance with the Clintlers in the very near future. We know how well that works also.
Wow... today WAS a bad day to quit sniffing glue.

Hmmm... someone (I won't mention names... HILARY) did say something about how it may be possible to win if the other candidate dies.
Ooooooooooooooh Groovy, you think of some...unusual things! Funny things, make no mistake about it. Heh!
Molson, agree with you on Cohen. I never really "bought him" as military. He seems too...what's the word -- imposter-ish, if you get what I mean. Yeah, yeah, the Clinters have a long list of dead people surrounding them. Obama better watch who is taking care of his airplane maintainence.
Today was a BAD day to quit sniffing glue, I agree Bug!!!

Oh that's funny. A great line from "Airplane". I love Lloyd Bridges in that movie so much. Everyone is great in it, really. What's your favorite line?

Yeah, Hill likes to predict the demise and death of others. What's up with that?!?
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