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Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama Furious Over Criticism Of Wife

Never let 'em see ya sweat. Never give the playbook to your opponent. Never give the enemy ammunition.

So what does The Obamalith do? He reveals to Glamour Magazine that attacks on his wife are "infuriating

Awwwww, political life is such a bitch, ain't it Barry?

Look, I'm no fan of the Clintons, and I'm not trying to defend Hillary in any way. But Hillary has taken more sh*t and criticism as First Lady than any woman in American - if not world - political history. And note, I am speaking only about her role as First Lady. If you include her Senate years, no woman - and few men, now that I think about it - have had the darts and arrows slung at them as has Hillary, and most of it justified.

The reason Michelle Obama is so disliked by so many is that she's a expletive deleted. A big, loud, angry expletive deleted, who - until recently - has never been proud of her country. This is why people don't like Pickles Obama, The Dangerous Washerwoman.

Please stay tuned to this blog because I am announcing a Brand New Feature!


It's just like Dear Abby, only different.

Submit your questions now, because the first of many DEAR MAMMY columns is only a few days away!


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Something tells me that Dear Mammy is going to be funny!
Well EC, we'll see. I know I'll like it and have fun with it. We'll find out if the Obamaniacs and Michelle worshippers can "take it".
Dear Mammy,

I would like to know what the proper procedure is to get rid of unwanted guests. There exists a couple of people that I really, really want to go away but since morons tend to like them a bunch, I never get my wish.

Also, how is it possible that we can actually still hear them even with their heads driven completely up their asses?

That kind of science amazes me.
Dear Mammy,
I've done got a really bad itch on my satchel. What do it be?

Mammy will be responding to questions in just few days. Let her know if you have any.
Two Dogs



Your questions to Mammy have been submitted. Thanks for submitting them.
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