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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hillary Supporters Vandalize Cars

Cars, trucks and SUVs were vandalized in Orlando, Florida by Hillary Clinton supporters. Oh, those peaceful, law-abiding Liberals! All they are saying' is give peace a chance.

Some of the cars had "Obama smokes crack" spray painted on them. Well, he did admit to this, didn't he? Or did he just snort cocaine? Either way it's splitting hairs, he did do coke, he admits it. Some say he's still snorting it. We have no way of knowing this because the health report he released about himself is over one year old. Oh well...

Peace-abiding Liberal protesters do their stuff by committing property damage. Who knew?

Other messages spray painted onto the vehicles are reported to have been a "racial epithet." Gee, I wonder what that was? The "N"-word? Or maybe the "M" word? (Muslim?) (Cue laugh track, followed by "woooooooo's" and wild "hoot-hoot" Arsenio Hall-like audience applause/cheers from his old television talk show).

There were also negative messages spray painted about John McCain, but most of the focus was on Obama because he's...well, you know...he's half-black, but mentioning that isn't PC. Ho hum, Ho hum.

There's little doubt that the perpetrators were rabid and angry Hillary supporters. We have seen their likes before - always from the Far Left side of the spectrum. They are the same ones who vandalize and do property damage to Military recruiting offices, who do what the Stink Pink crowd does in Berkeley, who "key" the cars of someone with a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker.

We know the type. The vandals were Liberals. Whoa...big surprise...not.


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Did I see "crazy for climate justice" painted on one of those cars?
Yeah, I think I saw the same thing on - if not the link I linked to - on another report of the same story.

Crazy, whacky...ain't it?!
The Political Party of Peace perhaps?
Arc, yes, they are the non-violent, peace lovers among us. They prefer to talk and negotiate rather than become violent and destructive.
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