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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Democrats Weary Of Obama Arrogance

From Digital Journal:

    Public comments coming from Democrats on the Hill are contradictory with Democrats privately complaining about the Obama campaign and calling it "insufferable". Highlighting that problem, Clinton backers want a roll call vote on the convention floor.

    Some of the other descriptors being used from Hill Democratic are, "insular, uncooperative and inattentive" as The Politico reports that some of the Democrats on the Hill are "miffed" at Obama.

    One Senate Democratic aide complains, "They think they know what’s right and everyone else is wrong on everything. They are kind of insufferable at this point.”

Insufferable? Bwa ha ha ha ha!


    The other complaints are about a lack of effort in helping with fundraising for Democratic candidates, Obama visiting members’ districts without prior notice given to the lawmakers, which they claim resulted in "lost opportunities" to score points in their district by being seen with Obama...


    Another grievance listed is Obama's decision to move his acceptance speech from the Pepsi Center to Invesco Field, which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NA.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA.), were not informed of until it was announced...

Why, don't Nanny Peloshit and Harry Reid know that they are mere plebes compared to The Obamalith? I guess Barry doesn't feel the need to run everything he does by Ma and Pa Kettle.

: Looks like we can't control him anymo', Ma.

Ma: Well Pa, I saw this comin'. Now he thinks he can ride roughshod over us.
It's all cuzza your lack of discipline, Pa.

Pa: But I'm weak Ma, you know I could never have punished him or reprimanded him.

Ma: Pa, ya got no balls. Never did.

And the Pièce de résistance:

    Others spoke to The Politico and referred to the Obama campaign as having a "sense of entitlement” that leads to “arrogance.” They even go further and compare Obama to the Bush administration.

Obama...a "sense of entitlement" and "arrogance." Who knew...who


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So many people will vote for John just to keep Barack out.

The Democrat party is split into two or three sub-parties. Some love Hilary, some love Barack and others just don't know what to do.

The same can be said with the Republican party only they're so busy trying to please everyone that they don't see an opportunity right under their noses. Luckily (I hope) Hilary and Barack have shown the country what backstabbing criminals they truly are... liars, takers and assholes.

But I could be a tad opinionate. :o)
Hi Bug,

I sure hope people vote for John. He's got his work cut out for him getting his base motivated. He's pissed on his own party too often and for too many years - all his fault, really (my opinon) - and now he has to work hard to regain their support.

How did we end up with such shitty choices for president on both sides? I mean, I'd never vote for Hillary, but if it were solely a contest between her and Obama, I'd prefer her tho I would never vote for her.

I'm sitting this election out.

You...opinionated? Nah! ;-)
Oh wait - Bug, I vote for Ellie for president! That's who I'll write in if I vote!
Ellie does make a good choice!!

So you hope people vote for John but you're sitting this election out?
Glen Beck ran a poll for the last 2 day about an imaginary election between Barack, McCain, and Bush...

Bush wins by a landslide two days in a row.
Glen Beck ran a poll for the last 2 day about an imaginary election between Barack, McCain, and Bush...

Bush wins by a landslide two days in a row.


Thanks for that update, I had not heard that. I usually listen to Beck's radio show but don't hit his site too often.

Maybe Bush should run for a 3rd term. I'm not sure why he doesn't considering that the Dems figure he was "selected" the first time, so technically, he was only "elected" once, which would allow him to run again. Heh. I'd love for that to happen.

I've got my issues with Bush and many of his policies, but lower taxes and the free market - and, like I even have to mention "have we been attacked again on our soil since 9-11" - is where he excels.
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