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Thursday, June 19, 2008

When Does Gore Announce His Candidacy?

Well LeftTards, WHEN does Albert Gore, Junior, son of Albert Gore, Senior who did everything he could to block passage of Civil Rights in the 1960s, toss his big, fat, global warming alarmist ass into the presidential race?

Remember LeftTards, so very many of you wrote Gore will run:

"We were sitting around the breakfast table and I said I sure wish Gore would enter the race. My dad turned to me saying, 'don't worry, he will,'" wrote the hallucinating ramblings of one LeftTard.

"Gore will run and reunite the party," penned another pecker-headed pinheaded, head-up-their-rectum LeftTard.

"I can't wait for Gore to run," wrote another jackboot licking, armband wearing Fascist LeftTard.

Well, Tards, when does Gore announce his candidacy? When? Please tell me on what day Junior Gore tosses his fossil fuel burning Top Hat in to the election.
You were all so certain he would.

The GoreTards: more examples of the subgroup of Liberals and Progressives who couldn't predict an ongoing case of dysentery after eating three undercooked beef burritos with salmonella tainted tomatoes.



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