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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tell Us, Norman Goldman,
What To Do With All This Water?

I chastised and ridiculed substitute Liberal Radio host Norman Goldman on June 14 for his completely brain-dead and asinine solution for dealing with flood waters, which he said on Friday, June 13 - substitute hosting for Liberal Talker Big, Fat Dumb Ed Schultz - was to build a "freeway system of storm drains."

So, Great Moon Pie Faced Asshat - take a good long hard look at the photos below of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and then get on the telephone contacting the authorities in Cedar Rapids and tell them where to divert all that toxic and polluted water.

Maybe they could start by dumping it on your backyard lawn, Norm? Or perhaps pumping all that water up your fat ass would be a good start?

Image Credits; Top/Bottom (L to R): AP, Olson/Getty, AP, AP/Jeff Roberson


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