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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Hit News

Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa is secure and not in danger of falling over. Corriere Della Serra:

    Iconic bell tower returns to 18th-century angle. For the first time in its history, the tower is not falling over. Expert in charge of operation says tower now safe for 300 years.

- - - - -
Prague activists take to hunger strike in protesting U.S. radar base. Prague Post:

    Three weeks after launching an internationally followed hunger strike to protest the planned installment of a U.S. radar base some 90 kilometers (56 miles) from Prague, activists Jan Tamáš and Jan Bednář suspended their fast June 3. The pair is now organizing a series of protesters to continue the demonstration in the form of a chain hunger strike.


    President Václav Klaus dismissed Tamáš and Bednář’s requests for a meeting. Calling the hunger strike an “extortion,” Klaus told journalists June 2 that such practices have no place in modern democracy.

    “We are living in a standard parliamentary democracy,” he said. “Hunger strikes are suitable for totalitarian regimes.”

President Klaus is SPOT ON in his response!
- - - - -

Norway's Oil and Energy Minister caught in circle of hypocrisy. Aftenposten:

    Åslaug Haga, Norway's Oil & Energy Minister who heads a party that's fought for tough restrictions on coastal development, has been fined for building an illegal pier at her own family's holiday cabin on the Nordfjord.


    The case is especially embarrassing for the leader of the Center Party, which has pushed hard to demand permits for such building along the coast. The government in which she sits also has backed tough restrictions on coastal development.

Does anyone want to wager that Haga and Albert Gore, Junior both read the same "How To Be A Hypocrite" book?
- - - - -

Finnish government considers diesel tax cut. NewsRoom Finland:

    Finnish Centre party's parliamentary group on Tuesday urged the government to respond to the soaring price of diesel fuel by lowering the annual extra road tax levied on diesel-powered vehicles.

- - - - -
Decree labeling prostitutes as ''socially and morally dangerous'' is dropped. Life In Italy:

    [An] amendment, inserted by Senate Justice Committee chairman Filippo Berselli last week, targeted street prostitutes as "socially and morally dangerous" and would have made soliciting a crime.

    It would also have required the immediate repatriation of foreign street walkers caught in the act.

    But the amendment came under heavy fire from critics who said it failed to address the human slavery element of street prostitution, leaving pimps unpunished and "absolving" prostitutes' clients.


    A survey for the Donna Moderna magazine last week showed that 85% of Italians are in favour of reopening brothels.

- - - - -
In other prostitute news, ex-prostitutes are facing unemployment. (Maybe they should apply at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library?) Aftenposten:

    No one seems to want to hire former prostitutes. Attempts to find on-the-job training in new trades drew a blank.


    Though selling sex will still be legal, Norwegian authorities want to stop the sex trade by targeting buyers. This will deprive many prostitutes of their living, assuming customers respect the law. The government wants the prostitutes to find new jobs. Recent attempts indicate this will not be easy.

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