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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama Pimping The News Cycle

Two instances do not necessarily presage a trend, but consider these two examples of how The Affirmative Action Candidate is manipulating the news cycle, very similar to how the Clintons would manipulate it.

Recall how when there was unfavorable or bad news reported about the Clinton Administration and how their reaction would be announcing, or leaking to the press, something that shifted the focus away from the bad news about them and put the emphasis on what they wanted the news cycle to be about.

The Affirmative Action Candidate is doing the exact same thing. Consider:

Hillary Clinton's overwhelming victory in the West Virginia primary was trumped by The Illinois Muslim announcing that he was receiving the endorsement from John The Sissy Edwards. The endorsement from Edwards took all the focus off - and stealing the thunder - from Hillary's West Virginia win.

Edwards' endorsement after Hillary's overwhelming West Virginia win.
Coincidence or manipulative timing?

The weekend news cycle - other than Tim Russert's death - involved Malik Obama, Barack's half-brother, saying that Barack has always been a Muslim
. Malik is pictured below holding a photo of himself, Barack and another man all of whom are dressed in traditional Muslim clothing. Barack is on the Left.

Obama in Muslim garb. An explosive story tempered by the Gore endorsement.
Coincidence or manipulative timing?

Monday night, Albert Gore, Junior announced his support for Obama, effectively shifting the news cycle away and off from the Barack is a Muslim story and refocusing it on Gore's endorsement.

If you think handlers of The Obamalith - David Axelrod and others - aren't pimping the Media in attempts to shift the focus off the "Obama is a Muslim" story, I have seaside sandy beach front property to sell you in Oklahoma.

Memo to The Illinois Muslim: Don't take too much advice from Gore, especially where it concerns newspapers' picturing the earth "upside down."

The Global Warming Loser Alarmist who "sees" the earth as upside down.


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I asked myself the same thing. the timing of the Gore endorsement. It is suspect. Throw off the attention of the Muslim story.
Clintonian manipulation of the news cycle at almost its best. 2nd only to the wonderful orchestration of how Bubba & Hillary did it.
Speaking of the bloated greenhouse gasbag, heard about this yet?
Bad -

Why would you expect Gore to practice what he preaches?
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