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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Norman Goldman Wants To Build
Freeway System Of Storm Drains

Liberal Radio Talker the wife-beating Ed Schultz is on vacation. He claims he's on a fishing trip, but I bet he's attending mandatory court ordered anger management classes so he doesn't beat-up, abuse and slap around his second wife, Wendy, like he treated his first wife Maureen Zimmerman.

Sidenote: According to NNDB, Wendy is a trained psychiatric nurse. Oh, that's funny - you'd almost have to be psych nurse to marry and live with a man who used to beat the crap out of his first wife.


Substitute hosting for Big, Fat, Dumb, Wife-Beating and Drunk-on-a-hunting-trip-shooting-his own dog Ed was his bitch, Norman Goldfarb... Goldschmuck ... Goldslob...damn, I never get it right....Goldman, the Moon Pie snack cake with a Law Degree.

Goldman let a gem escape his Moon Pie Hole on the Friday show at 21 minutes into the programs' third hour.

His answer to the flooding problem was to build storm drains and a piping system along the freeways that would carry and divert water to other areas, even into other states.

Here's why Norm didn't even half-think his solution through. And Norm is a Big Liberal, so I am surprised he didn't think of why his plan would never work: We could never, ever divert dirty, polluted, contaminated water in the manner he suggested. It might harm - irrevocably and forever - and ruin the environment and the oh-so-delicate ecosystem that is so vital and precious. There could be unforeseen damage to weeds, moss, grubs, soil, plants - let alone real species - that could all face the all-too-real threat of harm and extinction with his plan to shuttle off flood waters into areas that are not able to accept it. And of course....What About The Children?
Why, the EPA would never approve his poorly conceived plan.

Goldfarb makes Big, Fat, Dumb Ed seem like a guy who sometimes - not often, but sometimes - almost approaches the perimeter of intelligence. That's why the Moon Pie is a substitute host.


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Well, I only listened for fifteen minutes but actually wondered what he looked like. Thanks for putting my curiosity to rest.

I'm instantly suspicious of a guy who needs to emphasize the word "man" twice, every time he utters his name.

And now we see why. (Where, oh, where, do they get these freaks?)

I didn't know Schultz likes to slap his women around.
Hash - I stopped on over at TC's before signing in here and left a comment over there directing you here for Goldman info, but looks like you already stopped by.

Goldman and his freeway storm drain idea. I wonder if he even looked at any of the coverage in Iowa and other states and saw these towns flooded up to the roofs of some houses. Now where in the fuck does he think that water is going to be diverted to? What an asshat.

Yeah, Maureen Zimmerman was Ed's first wife. She did weather on local TV in North Dakota. Do some searching and you'll find message boards and stuff talking about it. Some "say" her facial bruises were so harsh that the make-up crew could barely conceal them in order to make her presentable going on camera.
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