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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Nation Defends Obama's Anti-Semitism

The Far Left house organ, "The Nation" has published an Op/Ed that attempts to favorably spin and downplay any questions about Barack Hussein Obama being a Muslim and the religion of Islam.

An alternate version of the above Op/Ed is also available at Yahoo.

The controversy surrounds Professor at Law Andy Martin who has threatened The Nation with a defamation and libel lawsuit. PR-Inside:


    Dear Publisher:

    I wish to notify you that you have posted false and defamatory information about me on your web site, and possibly in an upcoming edition of your magazine. If a prominent apology and withdrawal are not promptly forthcoming we will sue.


    1. You claim that Senator Barack Obama, speaking to the AIPAC conference last week, was validating and responding to the fact that I am the 'source of the rumors being sued to spook Jewish voters-' I have nothing to do with any rumors being used to 'spook' Jewish voters and know nothing about their source.

    Barry Obama has problems with Jewish voters because of his long associations with anti-Semites and anti-Americans, not because of any e-mails I have circulated. As satirist Jackie Mason has suggested, any Jew who votes for Obama would be very misguided.


    Barry Obama and his fellow travelers constantly circulate lies and false accusations about me to cover up and distract attention from his long history of anti-Semitism, from Reverend Jeremiah Wright to the Nation of Islam, to Father Michael Pfleger to (insert your own choice). I did not make Obama an anti-Semite. His record of anti-Semitism speaks for itself. Now Obama & Co. are trying to block sales of my new book on Obama, coming out this month, which is why The Nation is recirculating old smears. Why are they so afraid of me?


    If you would like to run a prominent apology and retraction promptly, I will not sue. Otherwise, we are headed to court.

    Very truly yours,


Hit the hypertext links for the whole story.

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