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Friday, June 20, 2008


I noted here that Obama's Certificate of Live Birth - technically a document that only serves to record a vital statistic - being circulated around the internet doesn't substantiate Obama's Birth Certificate.

Velvet Hammer
takes the research to the next level asking
is the Certificate of Live Birth A Forgery? - Ironic Surrealism II
- - - - -
Osama Bin Laden's 'right-hand' man must be released on bail. - Nora At Spanish Pundit
- - - - -
What's this?!? Every electronic payment made in the U.S. must be reported to the government? (I thought it was the Republicans who were the ones spying one us, but wait until you find out under whose Senate Bill this is included!) - Jen O'Hara at Shining City
- - - - -
A fantastic compilation of how Hillary Clinton's supporters are keeping their fight for Hillary alive. - AGJ
- - - - -
Another Blogger Gone. - Debbie at Right Truth
- - - - -
Obama says he is bringing a gun to the debates with John McCain? - AmeriCAN-DO Attitude
- - - - -
Drunk and Armed has the classic - c l a s s i c - Take No Prisoners. Click on their link and listen to the mp3. Enjoy!
- - - - -
Molson has updated (not as nearly as I'd like him to...ahem...ahem...) a couple of new and fine photographs of Colorado at Hiking Colorado. (May sure to click on the pic to enlarge!)
- - - - -
Rev. Z has an image that reflects the nature of paying for gasoline these days. - Out Of My Mind
- - - - -
Clint Heine finds a link that caters exclusively to the P0rn for the Blind. I kid you not.

Thanks for the mention, as always.

Every electronic transaction in the US must be reported? I had not heard that.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth
Uh oh. I've been a very bad blogger. Bad blogger! Lazy too.
You are very welcome, Debbie.
Molson -

I knew you would take what I wrote with humor; thank you for doing so.

You just have such great photo's - as I've stated before - and I'd personally love to see more of them. Again, you should be trying to sell them online or as calendar photos or something. You do good work!
Thanks so much for the link and the visits Dave!

BTW I learned of what is claimed to be an authentic Hawaiian certification of live birth. From a comment at Doc Bulldogs via Free Republic. Added the image on a second update just a while ago.

Very interesting....to say the least. The differences are miles apart. IMO
Hi Velvet Hammer!

You are most welcome.

I have seen the latest at your blog on the Cert of Live Birth. It's great stuff. I am planning a short post on that issue - probably tomorrow, and plan on linking to you on it again, and Doc as well. He sure seems to be doing a great job investigating what appears to be false claims by the Obama camp of providing "proof" of his Hawaiin birth.

They are mile apart in how they look. Something is very fishy about it!

Great to hear from you! Keep in touch.
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