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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AP Invoking DMCA Against Sites, Bloggers

From Daily Tech:

    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provided a valuable tool for copyright owners such as artists and writers to defend their property online. However, in the ever evolving online community, the DMCA notices, as they are commonly known, are being used more and more often, at times threatening seemingly legitimate sites.

    Some argue that the DMCA powers are being used to infringe upon users' online freedoms -- and frequently. The latest and perhaps most thought provoking DMCA battle is building between the Associate Press (AP) and The Drudge Retort, a social news/blog owned by Rogers Cadenhead, over the reposting of AP article snippets.

    Interestingly, the AP is attacking both the owner for his news posts that occasionally contain small excerpts of AP text linked to the original story, and his users who similarly post snippets from various web stories on the internet in the contents. In both cases, the AP says this makes these pages in question DMCA takedown fodder.


    The attack on the site is part of a growing campaign of legal actions from the AP. In October they targeted the news site Moreover owned by Verisign, which has similar type of service, but in its case charges users for it and a variety of other content. However the Moreover case was slightly more blatant as the site was allegedly reposting entire articles without paying.

Screw the Ass Press. Use one of the many other news resources available for reporting. The Ass Press is showing their Liberalism by whining and crying. F' em! Or better yet, if they're running an exclusive story, rephrase their story and don't even bother liking to them. Remember, it's not plagiarism if you rephrase and reword it well!


The Associated (With liberals) Press: All The News That’s Fit To Sell At $3.95 Per Letter
I'm somewhat surprised you didn't side with the AP on this one, considering my comment replying to you on the above post.
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