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Friday, May 23, 2008

Hamilton Jordan Assumes
Room Temperature

The angry and bitter Hamilton Jordan has assumed room temperature. AP:

    Former President Jimmy Carter praised his White House chief of staff Wednesday as a master political strategist who helped make a "peanut farmer from the South" president of the United States.

    Hamilton Jordan, 63, died Tuesday at his Atlanta home after a long fight against lymphoma. Carter said he talked to Jordan Tuesday afternoon.

Jordan was a top strategist for the 1992 Ross Perot campaign which supports my belief that Peerot was - and perhaps still is - a Democrat operative.

Jordan is the person responsible for propelling Jimmy Carter into the White House. Matt Towery:

    Jordan — along with former Carter Press Secretary Jody Powell and a handful of others, including media executive Gerald Rafshoon — cobbled together and implemented a plan that in the mid-1970s seemed impossible. They turned the one-term governor of a then-small Southern state into the alternative for which a demoralized post-Watergate America was searching.

    Make no mistake. Had there been no Hamilton Jordan, there might never have been a President Jimmy Carter.

Jordan, along with Cater and other advisers, were the people who brought the country double digit inflation and interest rates, mortgage rates of 20-some percent and of course, the Iran Hostage Crisis.

Hamilton Jordan...GFR.


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