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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Answer To Myanmar

There are reports that cyclone-stricken Myanmar's (Burma) ruling military junta is hoarding the good food for themselves and handing out spoiled or poor-quality food to those who desperately need it.

Myanmar's ruling military junta is opposed to allowing much outside help for donations of food, medicine and medical professionals.

So what is the answer? Well, send those wonderful Democrat Negotiators over there to sit down and talk with Myanmar leaders and convince them to allow outside help.

Send John Kerry, Nanny Pelosi, The Illinois Muslim, Dennis Kookcinich, Madeleine FatBright
and other appeasers and capitulators to Myanmar to negotiate with the ruling military junta. These are the Democrats who claim they can talk with dictators, despots and terrorists convincing them to think differently about permitting outside assistance.

So...why isn't the brilliant Kerry, Pelosi, The Illinois Muslim, Kookcinich and FatBright over in Myanmar? They are such skillful negotiators. Surely they can convince the military junta - probably in a matter of seconds - with their superior oratory skills that outside aid is necessary.

This is your moment to shine, Mr. Kerry, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Illinois Muslim, Mr. Kookcinich, Ms. FatBright! So...why aren't you all in Myanmar dazzling us with your intellectual brilliance and negotiating skills? Think of how your could embarrass President Bush and charm your worst critics by demonstrating how you negotiated with the Myanmar junta and convinced them to allow outside aid.

Plop Kerry, Pelosi, The Illinois Muslim, Kookcinich and FatBright on a plane and send them to Myanmar. Show us your great negotiating skills. Why they are not already over there, showing us that they "can do, sure is a puzzler.

Meanwhile, kudos to the United Nations and Secretary General Ben Wa Balls for their excellence and skillful diplomacy with regard to Myanmar. The UN once again demonstrates that it really has its act together and when a world crisis occurs, the UN is unquestionably qualified, ready, able and prepared to step up to the plate in yeoman fashion!

Great job, Ben! Great job! Kudos! Kofi must be envious.


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