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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Why Boycott The Olympics in China?

Why do the Liberals and Progressives want the United States to boycott the Olympics in China this summer? They say it's because of Tibet, but why do they care about Tibet? Why does The Left pretend to have selection outrage on the issue of Human Rights? They don't care about freedom or human rights for Iraqis, but they feign concern over Tibetans? Does The Left favor freedom for people with a Yellow complexion but not for people with Brown skin?

Do the Liberals recall Bill Clinton ignoring Rwanda? Hello... Selective Outrage Practicing Liberals...are you out there? Hello? Come out of your ostrich hole for a moment, I want to call your vast hypocrisy to your attention. Don't run away, face up to your Selective Outrage, you bunch of sissies.

Some LiberNazis say that President George W. Bush should not attend the Olympic ceremonies and should refuse to permit U.S. athletes to compete because this is what Jimmy Carter Cracker did in 1980.

Look, Carter's boycott of the Olympics was an embarrassment to him at the time and it still today is an embarrassment to him. Model oneself after Jimmy Carter? Well, there's nothing like aiming low, it seems to be the one thing at which Liberals excel.

The Olympics is supposed to transcend politics. It did in 1936. There's no reason it shouldn't in 2008. Maybe the Pinhead Liberals should familiarize themselves with history that dates back beyond...oh, I don't know...yesterday?

Christ, everyone in the world recognized Carter for the pussy he is when he couldn't even defend himself against a rabbit!

And, if it's been a while since you've watched it, here is The Rabbit of Caerbannog.

What do you think...should Bush or the U.S. boycott the China Olympics?



I love when you blast Carter. It never can be enough. Not by you or anyone.

Now its time for me to watch the Rabbit of Caerbannog again. Such a great bit.
Carter-"blasting" should be a paid profession taught in college courses, EC!

The Rabbit of Caerbannog never loses any of its humor, does it? It's fantastic, I agree.

Take care, man. Thanks for stopping by.
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