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Monday, April 07, 2008

Oh, Those Pesky Pot Smokers!

Two investigators from the Washington County Minnesota Narcotics Task Force set up surveillance of the suspect. They watched and watched, having been tipped off from a source. The investigators observed the suspect and another man as they entered a car. The two men leaned toward the center of the car, where the console is. When one of the men exited the car, he was seen putting something into his front pants pocket. (OMG! GASP! He was putting "something" in his pocket! He must have been doing something illegal, rather than readjusting his "stuff"!) It was then the Narcs moved into action.

Wow, you're probably thinking this was a big time drug dealing operation with a big time dealer; someone that the Narc Unit had been watching for quite a while. A big bust, right? Of a Drug Lord, someone high up in The Organization. Not so much...

This is what the Narcs recovered: one digital scale, plastic baggies with marijuana residue, a marijuana grinder, a glass pipe with marijuana residue and...

...wait for it...

...wait for it...

...wait for it...

...approximately six grams of what appeared to be marijuana buds.

SIX GRAMS? Why, it takes an entire freight train to transport six grams of pot! Actually, six grams of pot would fit easily into a plastic 35 millimeter film container with room to spare.

The rest of the story - Holiday store clerk accused of selling pot (Twincities.com and do a search on the title if the link brings you to a "sign up for free before we let you read this story") - is reporting that the person arrested and charged with selling marijuana is 20-year old David Held, Jr. His primary error - as far as I can tell - was in selling pot while on the clock for his employer, a Holiday Superstation (a gas and convenience store) in Bayport, Minnesota. Don't deal while on the clock of your employer is the message. Do it before you punch in or after your shift is over.

The monetary transaction between Held and the buyer, according to the story, was $25. $25! The question, of course is, is this all the Washington County Narcotics Task Force has to do? What a complete waste of time, money and resources. Busting a $25 pot transaction? Why, you Narcs must feel like Serpico or Popeye Doyle today!

Meanwhile, in other pot-related news, Soua Vang, 27, is accused of growing almost 1,000 pot plants in a White Bear Lake, MN home.

From the Friday, April 4 St. Paul Pioneer Press aka Twincities.com reports:

    In January, someone reported that Vang's home might be on fire. There was no snow on the roof, visible condensation on the exterior and the house was hot to the touch.

Ah, another pot bust because of a meddling neighbor - in my opinion with nothing better to do than peek out from behind the curtains and be the neighborhood Narc - reported that a home near them seems...basically unremarkable. "Marge, is that house on fire? I can't tell without my glasses. Well, we'd better call someone and report it just in case."

There was no fire in Vang's house. The house had no snow on the roof, condensation on its sides - and reportedly the house was hot to the touch - because of indoor grow lamps.

For growing pot, Vang faces up to a $2 million dollar fine and 40 years in prison. 40 years! You can kill somebody and do less time than 40 years. Repeat child molesters do less time!

I'm not fully informed about Held or Vang, if they have any history of violent behavior. But no non-violent drug offender, dealer, grower, buyer or user should be spending any time in jail or prison. Not a day. I don't care if they have a growing operation in a structure the size of Wembley Stadium. If there is no history of violence or violent behavior, there is no reason to incarcerate them. The Alarmist Crowd cries that prisons and jails are overcrowded. Well...then why are non-violent offenders occupying space that should be reserved solely for violent criminals?

The justice system is whacked. Just whacked.



that plant looks healthy. is it yours?
No. No it is not my plant. I wish it was. Oh gawd how I wish it was. heh!
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