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Friday, April 11, 2008

Ed Schultz's Softball Questions To John Murtha

Nice softball questions -
just as I predicted - lobbed to Madman John Murtha by Big Fat Dumb Liberal Radio Talker Ed Schultz on his Thursday program.

Here are the puffball questions - paraphrased, but accurate - Fat Eddy asked Phony Solider Madman Murtha. The short interview ran for approximately 8-10 minutes, beginning 30 minutes into the first hour of the program:

    1- What about the surge, what is your take?

    2- What does it mean when the President says there will be no drawdown?

    3- Will it be more of the same if the next president will be John McCain.

    4- What do you think of the oil revenue and what do you make of it?

    5- What do you make of the Guardian story of a deal between Iraq and the U.S. to give us wide ranging power there?

    6- Which do you prefer, Jolly Ranchers or Werther's?

Okay, number six is a joke, but the others are not.

Way to go Ed, just keep your pursed lips permanently attached to the puckered anuses of the Liberal America-hating politicians that you roll out the red carpet for as program guests. Keep on licking the fudge hole, Ed; by now you must have quite an acquired taste for it.


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Schultz and Murtha. Just two turds in a bowl. Don't bother flushing. One alone too fat to fit down the pipe. Two of em together, well that is going to require a stick.
"Don't bother flushing..." LMAO!!

Honestly, talk about two blow-hards...Schultz and Murtha.
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