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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ed Schultz Guest Will Be John Murtha

Liberal Radio Talker Ed Schultz is scheduled to have as a guest on his Thursday program Defeatocrat, and King of Pork, U.S. Congressman Mad John Murtha.

Ed pretends to talk tough, claiming to treat all politicians equally and claiming that he asks "the tough questions."

But Ed never does.

Here's three questions Ed will not ask, and won't even dare go near, in interviewing Madman John:

1) "Congressman Murtha, why did you escape into an elevator rather than go on-the-record for apologizing to the Haditha Marines who were found innocent of what you called a 'massacre and a cover up?'"

2) "Congressman Murtha, after being told by the newly elected Democrat Majority Congress in January 2007 - a congress that told the people they would bring an end to earmarks - how do you justify being the King of Pork according to such groups as Citizens Against Government Waste and Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington?

3) "Congressman Murtha, why have you steered so much money in government military contracts to your brother Robert 'Kit' Murtha and don't you feel doing this reeks of nepotism and the appearance of impropriety?"

Instead, Ed will lob softball questions and give Madman Murtha a platform to criticize and denigrate the Military, to say "the war is lost and costs too much," and any other Murtha-friendly questions.

Ed...asking the "tough questions"? Yeah, and pigs do aquatic ballet, I have a bridge to sell you and snowflakes are made of bacon.


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'snowflakes made of bacon'. I wish!!
Me too! I love bacon!!!!
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