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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dems Hyperinflate 5.1 Unemployment Rate

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the DemoWieners exaggerate and hyperinflate any issue they think will help them politically. Bereft of truth, facts and figures, Dems only care about what they "believe" and try to convince others to "believe" in the same.

The unemployment rate hit 5.1 % in March. L.A Times:

    The unemployment rate hit 5.1% in March, up from 4.8% in February and the highest level since the wholesale job losses that followed Hurricane Katrina in September 2005.

WHAT! FIVE-POINT-ONE PERCENT, the DemocRATS squeal, cry and whine! Why, that's OUTRAGEOUS! The U/E rate is causing the Dems to pee and poop their undies.

Well, in 1996 when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, the U/E rate was 5.1%, a percent that Clinton campaigned on proudly calling it an accomplishment. Here's a snippet from the Center of American Progress from September 13, 2004:

    The 5.4 percent rate is down from a high of 6.3 percent a year ago and stands near the 5.1 percent rate that President Bill Clinton faced when running for reelection in 1996.

You can say a lot of things about the Center For American Progress, but you certainly can't call it a Right of Center or Right Wing think tank. It is run by former Clinton toady and former Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta.

And someone will have to tell me the facts, but I think the CFAP is funded by Liberal Sugar Daddy György Schwartz, better known as billionaire George Soros. WAIT! STOP! Don't correct me with facts - I want to be just like the Liberals and "believe" that the CFAP is funded by Schwartz, so even if it isn't, facts won't change my mind. I "believe" it is, therefore it is true. Gee, it's kind of fun thinking like a Liberal sometimes.

Here's seven year's worth of U/E rates, all indicative of the month of March, from The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, which takes the below figures directly from the U.S. Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    March 1993 UE rate: 7.0
    March 1994 UE rate: 6.5
    March 1995 UE rate: 5.4
    March 1996 UE rate: 5.5
    March 1997 UE rate: 5.2
    March 1998 UE rate: 4.7
    March 1999 UE rate: 4.2

Hmmmm, 1993-1999...boy, some of those figures sure are high, aren't they? Indicative of a recession and even a depression. Was George W. Bush the president then? I'm pretty sure he wasn't.

Part of the economic downturn is without a doubt the housing market bubble bursting. Is there anyone who expected that it would never burst? Is it at all similar in economic terms to the burst in the dot-com bubble that was ridden high and hard and then...the bottom fell out of it during...during...during...

...wait for it...

...during the Clinton Administration.

Two years ago and one year ago The Left was hyperventilating on the issue of the War in Iraq. Then the Dem presidential candidates glommed onto healthcare last year as The Issue Du Jour. Tomorrow the Issue Du Jour for the Dems might be the cost of dog food, the cost of Kotex, the cost of finger paint, the cost of penny candy or the cost of any other good or service that they can exploit hoping it will further the cause of Liberalism. Furthering Liberalism - using lies and deceit - is the only thing that matters to the Democrats. Perpetuating their sick, twisted, diseased and freakish political policies is the reason for which these people live.

Democrats bounce around, seeking whatever issue at any given moment will benefit them. They hop from one issue to another - like someone with Attention Deficit Disorder hopped up on the finest Colombian Booger Sugar - desperately searching for any issue that will give them a political advantage. They have the attention span of a gnat that's OD'ed on Ritalin.

According to the Panic And Alarmist Democrats, a U/E rate of 5.1 % today is absolutely outrageous and prohibitive, but under a Democrat president it was touted as the greatest thing since disposable douche bags.

Provided the U.S. does not experience another terrorist attack like that of September 11, (and the Democrats are doing their best to be so Terrorist-friendly in this respect), the economy will recover, the housing situation will correct itself and the unemployment rate will balance out. Most of this can happen without severe interference from the government, especially needless meddling by Democrats who are currently in office. All anyone need do is ask themselves this: when is the last time Democrats fixed something, leaving it working it better than it did before?


None of that matters!


Because Bill Clinton's a Democrat, and when you're a Democrat, it's *just* different.
SPOT ON Braden, spot on. Complete and blind selectivity all purely based on politics. Absolutely!
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