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Friday, April 11, 2008

Democrats Ignore Mo

I stumbled across this very revealing item from Slate. It is revealing because it reflects how Democrats use and abuse their own members and then toss them aside - forgetting, ignoring and neglecting them - when they no longer are useful.

"Mo" is Morris Udall, a former Democrat U.S. Senator from Arizona. His current residence is a hospital where he is likely to spent the rest of his life; or what's left of it.

One person...according to Slate...one person - one person visits him on a regular basis. One person.

That person is Republican Senator and Presidential candidate fellow Arizonian John McCain:

From Slate.com:

    For the past few years, Udall has lain ill with Parkinson's disease in a veterans hospital in Northeast Washington, which is where we were heading. Every few weeks, McCain drives over to pay his respects. These days the trip is a ceremony, like going to church, only less pleasant. Udall is seldom conscious, and even then he shows no sign of recognition. McCain brings with him a stack of newspaper clips on Udall's favorite subjects: local politics in Arizona, environmental legislation, Native American land disputes, subjects in which McCain initially had no particular interest himself.


    Beneath a torn gray blanket on a narrow hospital cot, Udall lay twisted and disfigured. No matter how many times McCain tapped him on the shoulder and called his name, his eyes remained shut.


    A nurse entered and seemed surprised to find anyone there, and it wasn't long before I found out why: Almost no one visits anymore. In his time, which was not very long ago, Mo Udall was one of the most-sought-after men in the Democratic Party. Yet as he dies in a veterans hospital a few miles from the Capitol, he is visited regularly only by a single old political friend, John McCain. "He's not going to wake up this time," McCain said.

This is sad and a tragedy, considering Udall helped launch the political careers of many Democrats. Without his help, many of them would have had little chance of a successful political career. Now that they've gotten what they wanted from Udall, they no longer have any use for him and can't be bothered to even occasionally pay their respect by visiting him.

I can only imagine that an excuse for not visiting Udall would be, "well, he doesn't recognize me anyway." This is irrelevant. You recognize him, and this is all that matters. This is all that matters.

How fellow Democrats ignore Udall shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone though, because this is how Democrats treat most people. Once they've gotten what they want from someone, that person is rendered into an ash heap of distant memories never to be thanked, acknowledged or recognized again. Nice bunch of politicians these Democrats are. They treat their elders so nicely, don't they?


Demorats would show up only if somebody tied a sack of money around Udall's neck. From what I have have seen so far, McCain is the only candidate who has acted as a true statesman. The gesture is not artificial either as the MSM will never report this compassionate act from a "war monger". Now that McCain is the only candidate who has shown any character, it's time for the left wing hate machine to start trashing him into dust.
I agree with you that McCain is the only one who can be a statesman. Certainly not The Poodle or MrsSatan. And they will be starting to trash McCain ASAP, the Clinton War Machine shifting into 2nd gear. Yep!
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