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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Texas And Ohio Prediction

Super Tuesday "2":

The Poodle and Hillary Clinton are - last I heard - in a dead heat in Texas. Flip a coin, it's 50-50 for Texas. I won't be surprised if The Poodle wins by a thin edge.

Hillary takes Ohio by no more than 3-5 pts.

Hillary isn't going anywhere, even if she loses both Texas and Ohio. It was a rare Sunday night I was home early enough to watch - or even care to watch or think about watching - "60 Minutes." I can't remember the last time I watched that show.

Well, if you saw the interview piece with Hillary, she said, comparing her campaign to her husband's campaign in 1992, that it took Bill until June to wrap up the primary. Look, she is not going anywhere. She's not, not even if she loses both TX and OH.

What do you think? Add your comments.


You got that right DD. That bitch isn't going anywhere. She can lose the nomination and she isn't going anywhere. If the Poodle wins the presidency, he'll probably wish he hadn't cause that evil spiteful bitch will still be stinking up the senate chambers and she will be madder than heck cause the poodle stole her chance at world domination. The poodle will know no peace.
The evil bitch is like a oozing, burning, bleeding, itchy, hemorrhoid. It won't go away. Ever!
Molson, yeah, she's in it for the long run, no matter what it takes. I agree with ya.
ditto Modesto. Almost makes ya feel sorry for Bubba, huh....huh ?!?
Okay, where the Hell are my Drake posts from yesterday? This is unacceptable, this shall not stand.
what? i didn't publish yesterday Two Dogs. I'm on a delayed writers strike.
So, check out the video of Dr. Susan Rice, Barry Obama's foreign policy advisor on my bloggy thing.
will do Two Dogs. Thanks for the info.
She will not "win." She will cheat her way to the nomination (and quite possibly the Presidency) as that is her nature.
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