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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spitzer Set To Resign Monday

The Culture of Corruption in the Democrat Party continues taking its toll.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Eliot Spencer seemed....oh, what's the right word....um, geez....contrite; no that's not it.

Uh - Eliot Spitzer seemed, by all objective observation -- oh what's the right phrase....uh, sorry - yeah, that's it - sorry that he was caught. That pretty much summed up his Mea Culpa speech, except for a few words about how hard this is for his family. Hard in that you were caught, Eliot, or hard being a cumulative term representing your own personal behavior for the past ten years? Which is it? Sorry that you were caught is more like it.

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's resignation will take effect on Monday March 17. BBC:

    His political opponents threatened to drag him from office unless he quit.


    The governor who liked to call himself "the steamroller" reportedly came to the attention of prosecutors because he was moving money from a bank account in a suspicious manner.

    That led investigators to a high class prostitution agency, and to the revelation that Mr Spitzer was one of its clients.

    New York's merciless tabloids descended, and reported on Wednesday that the governor had spent some $80,000 (£39,500) on prostitutes. (When was the last time the BBC, or any other MSM mouthpiece, ever describe New York's tabloids as "merciless" when it involved reporting on a Republican calamity? - Drake)


    David Paterson, the Lt Gov of New York who will replace Mr Spitzer in the top job on Monday, is also a super-delegate and has already been campaigning for [Hillary Clinton].


    He has pledged to rise again, however, to do public work outside the political arena.

"Rise again..." (ahem), that cheeky BBC!

Spitzer spent some $80 Grand on hookers? Think of the school lunches that money could have purchased for the children.

Eliot Spitzer (left); Nelson Muntz (right)

Na na na na

Na na na na
Hey hey
Good bye



Looks like the Steamroller got steamrolled. He got blowed too, but that is another story. LOL
heh, steamrolled over right after getting blow maybe?!?
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