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Monday, March 17, 2008

Spinning For Spitzer

Silda Spitzer standing by her man during a press conference on March 12, 2008.

Eliot Spitzer's resignation as Governor of New York becomes effective Monday, March 17. Spitzer is being treated with kid gloves by his fellow Liberals and Progressives. Actually, what happened to Spitzer couldn't have happened to a more deserving hypocrite. Here you have a man who, as a prosecutor, took great pride in punishing offenders to the fullest extent of the law and publicly humiliating and embarrassing anyone convicted of a crime. That Spitzer
is guilty of at least a decade's worth of patronizing prostitutes is the schadenfreude that makes the rest of us smile with glee for the crimes committed by the whited sepulcher and faux pious Spitzer.

Cackling hen Eleanor Clift

On the most recent "McLaughlin Group", program regular cackling hen Eleanor Clift said she was not going to pass judgement on Spitzer. Her reaction is humorous and phony, for Eleanor has never missed a chance to pass judgement on any non-Liberal or non-Progressive caught with their pants down.

Syndicated columnist Steve Chapman, doing his darnedest to attenuate the charges against Spitzer, writes:

    "I understand why Spitzer's alleged hiring of a call girl was stupid, selfish, reckless, immoral and a betrayal of his family. What I don't understand is why it was illegal."

"Alleged hiring"? "Call girl"? Nice euphemisms there, Stevie-boy. Let's try "confirmed" hiring and "whores" instead.

Following Spitzer's money trail proves he was a frequent customer of prostitutes for ten years, there is nothing "alleged" about it. And prostitution is illegal because law makers have decided it as such. This is not difficult to understand except for Liberal apologists like Stevie-boy.

Then there is the term "call girl." That makes whoredom sound nicer, cleaner, gentler, kinder, glamorous - doesn't it? Let's try these two examples of sentences and see which one sounds better:

"My daughter is a call girl."

"My daughter is a whore."

Oh, yeah - "call girl" is so much more respectable, isn't it?

Is it only me that wonders why we've heard nothing about the Spitzer affair from the National Organization of Women Old Hags? In the past this group has told us repeatedly that prostitution degrades, abuses and humiliates women; all women. But NOOH remains dutifully silent about Spitzer just as they did concerning all the sexual abuse and harassment charges leveled against Bill Clinton.

It is reported by various sources that Spitzer would have preferred - had his whore agreed - not to use a condom. Where is the outrage from the Liberal and Progressive Crowd who promote condom use as their religion? Why so silent? Where is NOOH on this issue? Amazingly silent. Surprised? Not so much...not so much.

Paul Farhi, writing in a Washington Post story, quotes vice chairman of Hill and Knowlton public relations firm Frank Mankiewicz, who was Senator George McGovern's 1972 presidential campaign manager, as saying:

    "An affair at least suggests romance, even if it's very hard on the [noncheating] spouse."

Is there anybody out there in the real world who for one second believes that Spitzer was seeking "romance" with his whore? Romance? It's not about romance. Nice try at spinning though, Frankie.

(Left): Disgraced Eliot Spitzer. (Right): Gloating and S
chadenfreude as represented by Nelson Muntz

Spitzer's wife, Silda, serves only as an enabler to her husband's proclivities by standing next to him at his recent press conferences. For at least ten years that we know of, Spitzer cheated on his wife and she stands by her man? This must set the women's' movement back 200 years. Heh - and Progressive women erroneously claim that it's the legislative action of Republican and Conservative politicians who are setting back women's rights. Nice hypocrisy gals, how do you do it? Those blinders you wear must be permanently and organically attached to your face.

Eliot Spitzer is now desperately seeking sympathy and leniency in the charges he faces. Awwwwwwwwwwwww, poor Eliot...he never gave a whit about sympathy or leniency toward those he prosecuted, yet he seeks forgiveness and clemency for himself. Typical, typical, typical Liberal.

The Law sniffed out Spitzer because of his cash transactions, wire transfers and money laundering in his attempts to conceal his appetite for whores, not because he was - as many Libs falsely claim - "spied upon by the Bush Administration."

It's no mystery why reactions from Spitzer's critics range from elation and gloating. Wall Street and "the Mob" cheered when they heard the news of Spitzer being busted and with good reason. Spitzer's rank hypocrisy and arrogance - his attitude of being above the law - is so repugnant that the only thing that could have made his arrest more sweet is if he'd been caught with an underage male prostitute.

The Spitzer Family. Did he kiss his daughters with that mouth? Wouldn't it be ironic if some day one of his daughters went into the business "profession" that Spitzer embraced and for which he shelled out $80 Grand?

If Liberals and Progressives want to be taken seriously, that they hold their own to a higher standard than they do of others (they don't and never will, they just it say for posturing), then Spitzer will be treated just as any other "John". This is unlikely to happen, though, for Spitzer is doing whatever he can to weasel out of being prosecuted for his crimes.

Many cities have adopted posting the photographs of "Johns" on web sites who've been arrested for solicitation of prostitutes. Spitzer would receive no shame or embarrassment from this type of treatment, hell, he'd probably enjoy the added attention.

Many write that Spitzer's future career in politics is finished. I hope this is true, but I don't buy it. The Democrats have plenty of examples where their members have committed gross atrocities only to return to the political arena. Ted Kennedy - Chappaquiddick; Barney Frank - male prostitution; Robert Byrd - KKK are three that immediately come to mind.

I, like many others, would looooooooooove to see Spitzer take the "perp walk." Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen.

Good riddance to Eliot Spitzer. May he avoid the political spotlight for the rest of his life.



This post hits all angles perfectly. You nailed it DD. There is nothing more to say other than maybe the hater poodle can join Spitzer in unemployment. I know it won't happen, but it's a nice thought.
They'd make a good unemployed team, you are right!

Thanks for the kind words. Spitzer is such a piece of shit. What a fraud. Who knows where his political path might have taken him (to the White House, some say) had he not caught.

Boy I hope we never see this guy back in the political arena. I don't count any Dem out until they are pushing up daisies.
"But, but, he's for a woman's right to choose!"

That is why the NOOH's (great term by the way) look the other way on Dems that get caught.

I'll close with a joke: Why does Bill Clinton wear pants?

To keep his ankles warm!
"I want to be called Loretta!"

Thanks on the comp on NOOH. The term just kinda hit me.

Great joke about Bubba's pants!

"But what about, what about, what about, what about, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat abouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut Nixon?"

Eleanor Clift, the Queen of screeching cackling hens.

Great to hear from you Mrs. N. thanks for visiting and commenting.
Genius. I completely agree. His belief that he is superior and therefore above the law is disgusting. Like you said, no one is as deserving of getting caught then he is. Good job.
Hello Tia.

Nice to hear from you and thanks for visiting.

I'm only judging Spitzer using his own hypocrisy. Often, those who preach and accuse others of doing something wrong or unlawful are guilty of the same things they act holier-than-thou about, and Spitzer proves it in spades.
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