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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sara Jane Olson Kathleen Soliah,
Domestic Terrorist, Freed From Jail Early

First, let's get this straight. Her name is, and will always be, Kathleen Soliah. She is, and will always be, a domestic terrorist. Always.

Soliah was released from the Central California Women's Facility Prison after serving about six years of a 12 year sentence. This is unfortunate. She should have been left to rot in a rat-infested jail cell.

Kathleen Solia who hides behind the name Sarah Jane Olson

Soliah joined the violent Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) in the 1970s. The SLA is best known for kidnapping Patty Hearst. Soliah was part of an SLA bank robbery in Sacramento, CA, that left one customer dead who was shot by an SLA member.

Soliah and the SLA, in 1975, planted nail-packed pipe bombs under police cars in Los Angeles. The bombs were supposed to be detonated by remote control, but the remote malfunctioned.

She left California, marrying Dr. Gerald Peterson. For a while they lived in Zimbabwe and then moved to St. Paul, Minnesota. The couple has three daughters.

Soliah was on the lam and hiding from law authorities - just like a typical Liberal criminal, doing her best to avoid having to pay for her crimes - but was busted in 1999 after being profiled on "America's Most Wanted" television program.

According to the L.A. Times story by Joel Rubin, Soliah's attorney, Shawn Chapman-Holley (a man who has to have two last names, mind you), [3/24/08: Updated Correction: "Shawn" Chapman Holley is a woman. I should have known considering the hyphenated two last names that some women so desperately need in order to feel they have an identity and that they actually exist. - Drake] said:

    "We're thrilled she's out and can return to her family. For someone who was not a danger or a threat to society, it was six years too long."

Perhaps we should ask the family members of the Sacramento bank customer who was killed if they consider Soliah as being, or having been, a threat to society. Perhaps we should ask that family and others who were terrorized by Soliah and the SLA if they think "six years was too long." Perhaps we should ask Soliah's victims if they are "thrilled" that she is released.

Soliah still must serve three years probation.

Please don't entertain moving back to Minnesota, Ex-Convict Soliah. Instead, find a high cliff somewhere and jump off it. Instead, eat some rat poison and arsenic and wash it down with a gallon of bleach. Instead, just take a revolver with one bullet - a .357 should do just fine - place the tip of the barrel to your temple and pull the trigger splattering your brains on the nearest drywall.

Dr. Peterson, you must be proud of your wife's past. You must be proud of her desire to maim and kill police officers and innocent bystanders with nail-packed pipe bombs. The three Soliah daughters must be proud of their mom, a woman who was only too happy to be part of a bank robbery that left an innocent bank customer dead.

These days we hear from the Left a lot of talk that apologies are necessary. The Left says they would like to hear apologies from President George W. Bush for supposedly "lying" to us about the War in Iraq. The Left would like to hear apologies for the United States' past of slavery.

Maybe someone in the Soliah family can let me know when Kathleen apologizes to the family of the deceased Sacramento bank customer. Maybe the Soliah family can let me know when Kathleen apologies to the LAPD. Maybe the Soliah family can let me know when Kathleen apologizes to the other innocent people that she and the SLA terrorized, hurt and harmed. I won't hold my breath waiting to hear confirmation of that information.

Kathleen Soliah - just another in a long line of violent and murderous Liberal Terrorists - no different than any of the terrorists responsible for the carnage and atrocities of September 11, 2001.

You will always be Ex-Convict Kathleen Soliah no matter how hard you try to deny it or whatever name you may go by. I hope there is a very special place in Hell waiting for you.


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Why didn't Sarah Jane Vomit Face just stay in Zimbabwe? Isn't that some kind of socialist paradise where everybody rides a huge dildo of socialist joy and happiness? The bitch could have found a full time job fellating Robert Mugabe. Just think how that would have looked on her socialist leftard resume. Well maybe Chavez or the poodle still have an opening.
Oh, but I laughed my ass off this morning, when I read that she had been rearrested and sent back for another year. It's almost as if they did this on purpose to eff with her head.
Sara Jane Vomit Face --- LOL, spitting coffee on the keyboard. Oh, good god almightly, Molson, you need to issue "warning: liquid spewing from mouth to keyboard" alerts before you write those things!!!!

Dayyyy-yum, really - she would have fit right in with Mugabe. And you claim you wouldn't know what to write about if you started a 2nd blog dealing with politics? Dude, you got it down better than me. Fantastic observation.
Modesto, that was the first news I heard on the radio during the 1/2 past the hour newscast when I woke up at 8:30AM.

It was the best news I've heard all day!
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