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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Republicans Voted For Obama?

It's fun reading the Liberal blogs and sites that claim the Republicans, in a large movement, are the ones that helped Hillary Clinton win the Texas and Ohio primaries. The only thing wrong with the Dems saying that, is that exit polling proves them wrong. I've written in the past that I personally don't put much faith in exit polling, but Liberals certainly do when they think or want it to support their views, so I will simply use that type of Liberal illogic here.

I enjoyed reading the angst from the whining and crying Lefties in their misreporting and overblown reactions over the issue of Republicans crossing over to vote for Hillary Clinton in Texas and Ohio. Oh, how offended the Left is about this - though the Left conveniently and selectively forgets they did the same thing with John McCain in 2000.

So it was with great interest the Liberal blogs and sites were doing their usual knee-jerk reaction. Instead of spending five minutes researching for a fact, no, what they reported was the Republicans voted for Hillary. Oh, really? Really?

Let's look at CNN exit polling from Texas. The below chart can be found by clicking on the preceding link, under the sub-heading Primaries and from there exit polling for Texas.

A majority of Texas Republicans voted for Obama by 53% compared to Hillary's 46%. Did Republicans crossover and vote for Hillary? It sure doesn't look that way according to the CNN chart, does it?

62% of White Bigots Democrats voted for Hillary Clinton while only 37% voted for Obama. Tsk - tsk, and you Dems claim you're not racists.

According to CNN Exit polling, Clinton received more support from Independents than Republicans:

    10 percent of the voters in Ohio's Democratic Primary identified themselves as Republican, along with 22 percent who said they were independents. It was the same story in Texas: 10 percent of the voters in the Democratic primary identified themselves as Republican, , along with 25 percent who said they were independents.

So, did anyone on Talk Radio have much, if any, influence in either Ohio or Texas, of motivating en masse, Republicans to mobilize and vote for MrsSatan? Not so much; the sway or influence factor is negligible.

So much for the LefTard Conspiracy Theory that Republicans voted in huge numbers for Hillary. But why should we expect the Left acknowledge facts and reality when wearing Tin Foil Hats and conspiracy theories are so much more fun?



The Democraps can't even run a primary and people want to turn over control of the nation to these phuck sticks. Idiots. I have just loved reading the leftard blogs with the whining and crying, and the blaming of Republicans and the incessant claims of it's not faaaair. I love it even more when the Cuntess is compared to an evil Republican. As if. Leftards forget that it was the Clintons who raised trash and smear politics to a high art form. Leftards were plenty happy when such tactics were applied to Daddy Bush and Bob Dole or Baby Bush. Now that it is happening to their beloved flop eared poodle, they have their panties all in a bunch. Oh and don't forget when Big Fat Buttery Bill's team warned Dole not to play the patriot card and not to refer to Billy as the draft dodger that he was because it wouldn't be faaaaair. But Ketchup Boy had no problem with playing that card against Georgie. Too bad the Swift Boaters fragged his lily white ass. Hahahahaha. Oh that wasn't faaaaair either. I even heard a reference to the Cuntess swift boating the poodle. Bwaaahahahahaha. As you like to say DD, this is rich. Chocolaty, nougaty rich.
I always considered it a shame the way the Clinton's worked so hard on Dole that he almost seemed ashamed of his Military service compared to, yes indeed, Bubbas draft dodging. Those Clintons will stop at nothing. Anyone who wasn't a Democrat for that past 16 years knows this, or knows this but is first bitiching about it because it now affects their favorite candidate the Poodle.
The democrats sure wanted everyone to think that republicans crossed over to vote for Hillary. what a damn bunch of liars.
Bob Dole is an honorable man, a true hero, and a patriot. The Clintons are shit.
Yes Glen, the Dems are a damn bunch of liars. They would still like for everyone to believe that Republicans crossed over and voted for Hillary. Dems live in a world where facts have no place and no status. thanks for commenting and visiting.
Dittos on Dole, I agree. The Clintons are shit. I agree.
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