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Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama The Patriot

Ted Kennedy's Poodle won't wear a U.S. Flag pin on his lapel, and that's fine, it is his right to wear one or decide not to wear one. I personally think that his decision to not wear one reflects who he really is - someone who truly doesn't have much love for his own country - but again, it's his decision.

But it sure was funny and ironic that when he delivered his March 18, 2008, speech in Philadelphia, he or his campaign managers made sure there were eight American flags behind him. No less than eight American flags behind him. Why, he must be a real Patriot, by gosh by golly!

Good thing there wasn't a bookshelf behind him whose construction could have been interpreted as a Cross.

The other item I want to touch on is Obama's manner of speaking and his syntax. Nobody talks like this; nobody. His enunciation is so forced, so phony, so pretentious that he makes Hillary Clinton's manner of speaking sound genuine and sincere.



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