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Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama Damaged By Wright's Sermons; Poll Shows Candidacy Hurt By Controversy

There is significant and measurable damage to the campaign of Osama Hussein Obama Ted Kennedy's Poodle. Big, big - perhaps irreparable - damage.

From The Times:

    New polls released today suggest that Barack Obama has been damaged significantly by the controversy over his pastor's inflammatory remarks and that the the issue has become a serious threat to his presidential ambitions.

    A new national Gallup tracking poll indicates Hillary Clinton regaining her lead over Mr Obama for the first time in a month, now leading him 49 per cent to 42, a 13 point shift to the former First Lady in less than a fortnight.

    Mrs Clinton now also holds a 16-point lead over Mr Obama in Pennsylvania, their next contest on April 22, according to a poll for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. In addition, Mr Obama has lost his once commanding lead among independent voters to John McCain, the Republican nominee, in a new CBS poll.


    Despite widespread praise for Mr Obama's speech, in which he used the controversy to challenge America to move beyond its current racial tensions, aides to Mrs Clinton now believe that the incendiary comments of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright offer her perhaps her best chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

Obama acknowledges his diminishing chances for winning the White House. CNN:

    "In some ways, this controversy has actually shaken me up a little bit and gotten me back into remembering that the odds of me getting elected have always been lower than some of the other conventional candidates," the Illinois senator told CNN's Anderson Cooper.

The Liberals and Progressives who are Obamaniacs are going to have a startling awakening when the day comes that Hillary Clinton MrsSatan absconds with the Democrat Party endorsement, courtesy of the Superdelegates, and becomes the Dem Candidate.

And no - (this is my prediction) - MrsSatan will not, not, not be picking The Poodle to be her Vice Presidential candidate. He's too strong a presence for her. She wants - and will choose - a weak Vice President - someone like Bill Richardson. She doesn't want anybody on the ticket stealing the spotlight away from her. Forget about a Clinton-Obama ticket. It's not going to happen.

Oh, how the Obama supporters will cry and whine and gnash their teeth. It will be su-wheet
music for so very many of us. You diehard Obama supporters...you do realize you have set yourselves up for perhaps the biggest disappointment in your lives, don't you? Because it's funny when Dems cry, screaming and kicking their feet when they don't get their way!

Hillary MrsSatan will be "selected" not elected by the Superdelegates. She will pull the rug right out from under Obama's candidacy. You don't think so? Just watch. The Clinton Crime Family is doing to Obama what they do to every Republican who has ever challenged them or crossed their path.

You have to love it when Liberalism comes full circle.


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Bwahahahaha! I love it!

And the graphical representation is "spot on!"
Thanks Braden, I appreciate your compliment. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Let's stay in touch.
Boo Hoo Hoo - Obama yo mama pimp slapped you and woke up realizing you ain't no messiah! The fact that he admitts to CNN his chances are now diminishing due to Wright is a huge gain for the GOP. But it is not over yet....gggggrrrrrrrrr!

Have a very happy and blessed Easter to you and yours too David. I truly appreciate the kind words and thoughts. God bless you my friend.
I thought Richardson wanted VP with Hillary and he may have at one time. However, by supporting Obama, I think we can pretty much rule it out now.
I think Hillary will get the nomination, I have always thought that.
Ha Ha Nice Graphic Dave! It's been too long since we have caught up. Just thought I would throw in my two cents on the Obama/Wright thing.

Um...don't vote for Obama because he is a charming socialist. Nothing else is really needed. Oh, wow. I never knew there were Pastors in Chicago with racially motivated, angry perspectives. I would just like to thank the media for alerting me daily about this for the last 2 weeks. Maybe if they had been this on the ball with Bill Clinton's two mentors being staunch segregationists we woulda got the job done in Somalia and avoided a few Al Queda bases. That is of course with a Republican president.

Ok guilt by association is lame but so is what Obama would do to our taxes and security.
Ha Ha ! Catching up on old posts and Rev. Reich is hilarious!
BobG - yeah, but I think there's a plan behind Richardson endorsing Obama, and I will publish that on Monday. I have a theory that Richardson's endorsement is just BS. Stay tuned. Thanks for visiting and commenting, as always.
Layla, yes, I think his comments to CNN are most revealing.

Sorry I have not had as much time to visit and comment at your place as I have in the past. I haven't had as much time in the past to visit all my favorite places and you are one of them. (You too BobG!)

Thanks for your kind word. Bless you too! Keep in touch.
Glad you enjoy Binadas. Thank you.
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