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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Seattle Mystery Billboards

One of four new mystery billboards popping up in the Seattle area

Following the Seattle area mystery billboard that asked voters to remember September 11, 2001, MORE mystery billboards are turning up. Seattle PI Blog:

    Earlier this week we told you about a billboard that recently appeared on Denny and Western urging voters to "remember September 11, 2001." Billboards are rarely used in politics, so the appearance of this message was particularly striking.

    Clear Channel Outdoor has not returned any of the several calls we've made since Tuesday asking about the billboards and the identity of "Concerned Citizens for a Better America" -- a mystery that's sparked rampant speculation from readers. But thanks to feedback from you, we've learned the group has also purchased several other billboards around the city.

    Meanwhile, it appears activity by this political group has angered another. On a commenter's suggestion, I contacted the California-based Citizens for a Better America and Friday got a response from Robert Colaco, the group's national chairman: "No, it's not us, and I'm not a happy camper about it."

The message from another mystery billboard

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I've often thought of putting up my own message on a board like these... mainly because I don't feel my voice is loud enough to be heard any other way.

I've obviously been absent for some time... good to see you're still out here kick'n away. I think I've let myself hit the "put my fingers in my ears and yell... lalalalalalalalala" stage; while closing my eyes tight, of course.

I'm more than worried right now and I don't know the correct answers. Seems everyone else knows what's right even when they oppose each other. And as per usual, money and the price of things is sending us over the edge. Uuuugh.

I picture the whitehouse late at night with an earie background and mobs carrying tourches and pitch forks yelling "Frankenstein go home!!" And that will happen AFTER the new President takes office...

Hope you're having a great life!
hey Bug, great to hear from you.

I've been on line less these days lately too, and have not spent as much time visiting my blogroll as I did in the past.

This is such an important election year, so ripe for disaster if the Democrats win the WH and gain more of a majority in Congress it is scary. I hope Americans make their choices intelligently.

Take care, thank you for commenting. Give Ellie a big hug for me.
Speaking of Ellie... I just posted a picture from December and a couple I just took today. :o)
I will be there in a little while. She is such a cutie! Thanks so much for letting me know!!!
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