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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Maxim Thorne, Obama Adviser Resigns

Maxim Thorne, an advisor to Osama Hussein Obama Ted Kennedy's Poodle has resigned due to poor judgment and poor taste regarding the Clinton marriage. Radar Online:

    Another Barack Obama adviser had to resign today after making incendiary statements about Hillary Clinton. Maxim Thorne, formerly a chief at the Human Rights Campaign and, until today, a member of Obama's Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/ Transgender Leadership Council, recently e-mailed a lengthy anti-Clinton screed that began by declaring Clinton "a disaster for the Democratic Party" and went on to question Hillary's whereabouts "when Monica was having sex with Bill" and assert that "when Bin Laden was building Al Qaeda, Bill and she were fighting impeachment, fighting Paula Jones, fighting Katherine Wiley."


    "We cannot tolerate her lies and stolen election," Thorne wrote of [Hillary] Clinton.


    Do we forget Mark and Denise Rich? This was an impeached President who lost his license to practice law. He committed perjury. They settled with Paula Jones for the full amount of her lawsuit. I haven't forgotten and none of us should.

    "These comments have no place in this campaign," said Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor, who couldn't immediately say whether Thorne would be leaving his position with the campaign.

Thorne's resignation comes just days after the resignation of another Obama staffer, Samantha Power, key foreign aide advisor to The Poodle. Power resigned for calling Hillary Clinton a "monster."

Austan Goolsbee, senior economic advisor to The Poodle, embarrassed himself, Obama and insulted Canada over what are obviously the differences in what the The Poodle's private policies are on NAFTA (no big deal) and how they differ from The Poodle's public stance on NAFTA (The Poodle condemns NAFTA).

Obamapalooza is burning out and imploding. I find it amusing and humorous. Hope you do too!



Why are all the Obamistas quitting? If they had said the same things about McCain, they would be lauded as heros. Plus their criticism of HillBill is the only thing they've gotten right. Loooooosers!
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