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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Howard Metzenbaum At Room Temperature

Howard Metzenbaum

Howard Metzenbaum died on Wednesday, March 12. He was 90 years old.

Metzembaum served almost 20 years as a U.S. Senator from Ohio. He embraced the label Liberal and was a lifelong Socialist of whom many say served as an attorney specifically for the Communist Party during World War II.

He is also worth mentioning for his vicious and disparaging remarks made to astronaut and World War II hero John Glenn, both men running as Democrats for the 1974 U.S. Senate candidate race.

Metzenbaum, during a debate, accused Glenn of "never having held a real job," or - depending on which source(s) you choose to believe - "never met a payroll." Glenn replied (from the preceding link):

    "I tell you, Howard Metzenbaum, you should be on your knees every day of your life thanking God that there were some men - some men - who held a job. And they required a dedication to purpose and a love of country and a dedication to duty that was more important than life itself. And their self-sacrifice is what has made this country possible.... I have held a job, Howard."

    "What followed from the City Club crowd was a standing ovation that lasted 22 seconds," wrote [political columnist Mark Shields] in appreciation of the event many years later. Glenn beat Metzenbaum in the primary and went on to defeat the Republican nominee and win a seat in the U.S. senate.

Metzenbaum was proud of his Liberal voting record as being pro- baby killer abortion. It is said that late at night he scrounged the dumpsters behind abortion clinics and drank the blood of embryos.

Metzembaum was also proud of his staunch anti-second Amendment efforts, fighting against the National Rifle Association that only served to enable criminals and hamper law abiding citizens who were unable to protect and defend themselves.

Howard Metzenbaum...GFR.


Informational Sources
"America Wants the Assault Weapons Ban," by Howard M. Metzenbaum WaPo: Monday, July 19, 2004
"What Senator John Glenn Said"; Mississippi Web Site

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