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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ed Schultz: Unabashedly Stupid, Dense,
F***ing Retarded And Dumb As Dirt

The Fat, Drunk Dog Shootin' Liberal Talker from North Dakoter, Ed Schultz, uttered perhaps what will be his gem of all gems on his Tuesday program at approximately 24 minutes into the third hour of his program.

Fat Dumb Ed told a caller that, "just because you can't point to actual examples of something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist."

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. His words are the National Anthem of Liberalism. Why think when you can believe? Who needs facts? Facts - what are those?

Just like Liberal "belief" that Bush and Cheney being the architects of the September 11 attacks,
using Ed's (il)logic, I can freely state that I believe Osama Hussein Obama is a Muslim. I don't need to prove it or reference any factual information to support it, all I have to do is believe it, therefore it must be true.

I'm kinda starting to like this Dem form of (il)logic. It allows me to believe whatever I want, regardless of facts.

On a related note, Ed, why don't you tell us about how you used to slap around and beat up on your first wife, Maureen? (See comment section of referenced link).

The Dumbest Person In All Media of All Time



Give my buddy a link. Would you? I know he reads you every couple of days. It will blow his mind to get more than one or two hits a day.


Later dude, I'm working on that request, momma out of town the first week of April, taking the baby with her, Woohoo!! Bring out the hookers!
Lucky me has never heard this jack hole. Hope my luck holds.
There you go Modesto, there's your free "plug" of the year. You owe me big time now. Biiiiiiiig Time. Your turn to bring the Mazola.
Cranky, no doubt you are so lucky! Schultz talks out of his ass moreso than any other Liberal Talking Head. It's astounding how he continues to always get things wrong.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
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