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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Does Anyone Miss The Sissy?

No, no, no - I don't mean Chris Lavoie, the sissified girlish-laughing, skirt-wearing engineer of the Skanky Miller Show.

I mean John The Sissy Edwards. Yeah, that Sissy.

Isn't it nice not to have to look at or listen to The Sissy since he dropped out of the presidential race?

Does anybody miss this phony, posturing poser who talks out of the side of his mouth with a faked southern accent? A man who claims to be for the "little people" while living in a mansion, with a beach mansion so he can get away from his rigorous and stressful life? Mister $1,200 haircut?

Does anyone miss not hearing this pompous ass on the campaign trail, the guy who had his cancer-stricken wife fight his political battles for him and who exploits the death of his son for political purposes?

I didn't think so. Just wanted to check with you all.



Seems kind of a waste of money to cover up a $1200 haircut with a tacky costume jewelry crown. The Sissy should go back to his Barbie tiara.
The Sissy is the King of posturing and posing. Today a crown, tomorrow a tiara, the next day...who knows. Perhaps he will take a job with an investment group so he can learn firsthand about poverty. Wait...he already did that.
These guys really aren't good look'n... now if Gerard Butler were running for the presidency; that would be different. :)

Especially if he were sport'n his Spartan's sixpack!
The Sissy is a Sissy, Bug. He's a big Sissy. Perhaps the biggest.

I'm sorry, I don;t know who Gerard Butler is. I will have to "google" him now and find out.

Thanks for visiting and commenting, as alway. Best to you and yours, always.
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