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Friday, March 14, 2008

Dems Fiasco In Michigan And Florida
Is Teh Funny

Here is what the Dem Conven will come down to; it will be a repeat of Florida 2000 for the Democrat Party, only what happens this time will be within their own party. Instead of being a contest between George W. Bush and Albert Gore, Junior ; Florida 2008 will be a battle between Hillary Clinton MrsSatan and Osama Hussein Obama Ted Kennedy's Poodle.

Ted Kennedy's Poodle will have more popular votes than Hillary Clinton. But Clinton will have more delegate votes. Hillary becomes the Dem Presidential Candidate. Dems supporting Obama
will gnash their teeth and have hissy fits. Hillary supporters will say it's "faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair."

The supporters on both camps, who have spent almost 8 years whining about Bush-Gore and Florida 2000, will have a healthy dose of their own medicine. And this is just plain rich --- chocolaty, nougaty, caramel rich!

DNC Chairman Mao Howard Dean will feign impartiality but will secretly side with the Clintons on somehow seating the delegates from Michigan and Florida to Hillary.

March 9, 2008: Howard Dean Does Not Support Michigan and Florida do-overs. WCAX:

    [Dean said both states] should come up with some kind of compromise that would fit the national party's rules.

Florida do-over not looking bright and the same goes for Michigan. AP:

    Karen Thurman, chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party, offered a mail-in/in person proposal for voting and urged state leaders, the national party and the presidential candidates to sign on.


    The estimated cost is $10 million to $12 million.

    Asked if the plan will be implemented, Thurman said, "I have a feeling that this is probably closer to not, than yes."

And Hillary - get this, though it's really no surprise - wants a do-over votes in either state - if done - counted and tallied in private. AlterNet:

    The Clinton camp is urging a big mail-in re-vote: a "complex plan" that would entail the party's "pay[ing] a private firm to count the votes."

    This news comes courtesy of New York Times, which, reports that crucial last detail in passing, but we (and, certainly, Obama) should demand to know (a) why all those ballots should be counted in that way, and (b) which "private firm" the party has in mind.

Oh the confusion, oh the disarray, oh the frenzy, oh the hysteria, and oh - OH THE DRAMA - going on with the Dems! It's such fun watching them run around like lobotomized lemmings. Such a fun spectator sport.

It's time to once again check in with, and find out what Baby Democrat has to say about Michigan and Florida getting do-overs:



I'm beginning to feel sorry for baby dem. The rest of the demorats get what they deserve.
Ha ha ha ha! Oh, don't feel sorry for Baby Dem. Baby Dems grow up to be Adult Dems if intelligence doesn't take control over emotions, and sadly, this doesn't happen which is why we have Demcrats. What a pissy bunch of people they are.

As always Molson, thanks for visiting and commenting.
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