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Saturday, March 01, 2008

$4 A Gallon Gas, Bush Is Surprised

The Left is gleefully heaping criticism - they do that so well, they do - on President George W. Bush's words, during a press conference on Thursday, for acting surprised upon hearing that gas prices may reach the $4 per gallon. Seattle Times:

    The bulletin reached President Bush toward the end of his news conference Thursday.

    Peter Maer of CBS News Radio asked: "What's your advice to the average American who is hurting now, facing the prospect of $4-a-gallon gasoline, a lot of people facing ... "

    "Wait, what did you just say?" the president interrupted. "You're predicting $4-a-gallon gasoline?"

    Maer responded: "A number of analysts are predicting $4-a-gallon gasoline."

    Bush's rejoinder: "Oh, yeah? That's interesting. I hadn't heard that."

He is on the receiving end of merciless criticism from the Left for that last series of sentences.

Does anyone want to bet that he's playing the Dems again for fools they are?

Watch prices fall.

If he hadn't been aware prior to the press conference of increasing prices, you can bet he phoned - rather he told Dick Cheney to make the phone call - telling the oil companies to drop the price. And Dick...well, he told somebody else to make the call and by god, that call was made, ASAP.

You Dems are forgetting what you say about him; that Bush is an evil genius. Why, if prices for gas do decline, it will be proof that he is the Oil Wizard behind the Curtain.


I tend to get many chances to watch TV, check out the news, as well as online. After all, the dog with a voice must be well-versed in the topics of the day. So last week, as I had a chance to catch "W" at a news conference, I was deemed silent when he informed a room full of reporters (as well as the world) that he had not heard of analysts predicting gas could top $4 a gallon soon. The rock "W" has been living under for some time is bigger than I thought!

Mr. President, let me ask you to please read this news clip. Or perhaps this clip. And just in case you still think the reporter who asked the question last week was pulling your leg, try this third clip.

Mr. President (and I use this term loosely) what in the wide wide world of beagle love are you doing every day? The cost of gas has been a topic for months -- no years! Of course, since you refuse to mention the "R" word, you likely wouldn't know that the cost of gas is causing heartache for many American families.

With this said, let me speak on behalf of those who do not have or use their voices to speak out on this issue. "W"...become informed! We all know you have a few months left in office (the rescue dogs of America rejoice!), but at least ACT like you care. ACT as if the hardships of Americans, some of whom voted for you twice, are of importance and that you get up each and every day and think about what you can do to help. No, your actions will not likely benefit many of your contributors from big oil companies seeing record profits from the higher prices, but it might actually be what is best for the country. Promote conservation; discuss alternative fuels; advocate mass transit and investment in future mass transit; maybe even watch the news and read some online analyst comments; do something to show you care and are informed. Americans deserve your undivided attention on this matter. And if it takes a rescue dog to help get your mind on the American people then so be it!!

"The Dog with a Voice"
Hi Arlie. While most of your comment is emotionally based rantings, and that's fine, it's relatively civil with some sarcasm and I - of all people - appreciate sarcasm.

But a factual item you miss is that Bush did talk about alternative fuels in his last State of the Union Address. He's also wanted to give incentives to oil companies to develop and manufacture alt fuel, but he is unfortunately faced with being painted as "big oil" when he advocates as such.

Instead of lowering our standard of living as you seem to advocate by promoting conservation, I instead say "EXPLORE!" Pump that oil out of the Gulf of Mexio, pump it out of the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge, pump it out from off the coast of California.

For you see, oil, for all its faults, is still our cheapest and most plentiful fuel. The money spent on mass transit and its future is folly, money thrown down the drain, because it will never be cost-effective and it will always require subsidies from that taxpayer.

Don't take my word for it. Google search any of the above statements and you will find facts backing all of it up.

thanks for visiting and commenting. Let me know what you find in your research.
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