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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Would It Be Okay With The Left If
John McCain Campaigned While
Wearing His Son's Combat Boots?

Arizona Republican Senator and presidential candidate John McCain has a son serving in the Military. He is deployed in Iraq. It is only right and appropriate to appreciate his son's service to his - and our - country and be thankful for him and all others who serve, and have served, in any area of the Military.

It is also only right and appropriate to appreciate and be grateful to Senator McCain for his Military service. No matter how much I disagree with Senator McCain on political issues, those issues do not change how I, or anyone else, should feel towards appreciating those who currently serve, or served, in the Military.

With that said, it was less than two years ago that the Liberals and Progressives hailed and supported someone who also had a son serving in Iraq.

Virginia Democrat Jim Webb, on his campaign trail and bid for U.S. Senate, was wearing his son's combat boots. While I consider what Webb did exploitative and pandering to the Liberal Pacifist voters that he courted, I can't help ask myself the following question; I wonder how the Left would act if Senator McCain wore his son's combat boots during his current campaign for the White House?

Do you think the Left would be fair about it?

Do you think they would permit McCain to use his son's Military service as part of his campaign?

Would the Left think it's okay for McCain to wear his son's combat boots during his campaigning if McCain's stance on Iraq was one of cut and run?

Do you think the Left would be as tolerant and supportive of McCain wearing his son's combat boots as they were with Webb?

Do you think the Left would be quiet about it, not really saying much, if Senator McCain campaigned while wearing his son's combat boots?

Do you think McCain would be the object of endless antagonistic smears if he campaigned wearing his son's combat boots?

Would the Left be as tolerant of McCain if he wore his son's combat boots during his campaign? I'm not suggested that he should. I'm simply asking that if he did, how would the Left react?

But certainly you Libs wouldn't have a problem with him doing so, would you? If it was AOK with you when Webb wore his son's combat boots during his campaign, surely you would afford the same courtesy - without any reservation - to Senator McCain - wouldn't you?


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