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Thursday, February 21, 2008

U.S. Navy Missile Shoots Down Satellite

The first-rate and unparalleled great U.S. Navy shot down the disabled satellite Wednesday night.

From dbTechno:

    The U.S. Navy fired a missile towards a U.S. spy satellite which was disabled, and en route to crashing on Earth. The missile was a direct hit and managed to fully destroy the spy satellite. The military stated that the debris is now falling into the ocean.

    The U.S. Navy fired the missile off of a ship near Hawaii on Wednesday. It was their first attempt at destroying the satellite, and they scored a direct hit. The satellite was flying at a reported speed of 22,000 mph, making it an amazing thing that they hit it on the first shot.

"Shot Down on First Try" - E-Canada Now:

    The target was struck and exploded into football size chunks over the Pacific Ocean. It appears that the fuel tank, where the hazardous chemicals were stored, was complete destroyed, according to sources at the Pentagon.

    The fuel tank on the satellite has had a quanity of fuel that contained hydrazine. If this was spread over a wide area it could cause health risks. “We wanted to simply destroy the satellite and preserve human lives. We were focused on the hydrazine and the fuel tank,” said General Cartwright.

Successful beyond any and all measures, despite the ramblings of the tin-foil-hat-wearers, one who erroneously claimed the satellite was "floating in our atmosphere." "Floating in our atmosphere,"?!? Some people never passed 6th grade science class.

The satellite was actually in geosynchronous orbit, not "floating in our atmosphere." Well, never underestimate any member of the Insane Liberal Clown Posse to ignore doing their homework and their research.

The satellite was "floating in our atmosphere..." heh - that's a good one! Even my neighbor's pet ferrets know satellites don't "float in our atmosphere."


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