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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday: Vote Republican Lite?

If you are of a voter mindset that believes it is better to compromise and moderate Conservative views that you hold, and that it is better to win an election with a candidate that doesn't represent true Conservative ideals, then go ahead and vote Republican Lite.

Vote for Republican Lite and support Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain for president.

Vote to re-elect U.S. Senator from Minnesota Norm Coleman. It is a disservice to the Republican Party that no Conservative Republican entered the race to run against Coleman and challenge him, thereby giving Conservative voters a true Conservative to support.
Coleman threw his support to McCain, whoa, big surprise - not.

If you like Republican Lite, you will vote for the likes of someone similar to Virginia's U.S. Senator John Warner. I'm not sure of the exact date when Warner began compromising and moderating his Conservative beliefs. Perhaps it was during his marriage to Elizabeth Taylor.

If you like U.S. Senator from Nebraska, RINO Chuck Hagel, by all means continue compromising real Conservative ideals and on Stupor Tuesday vote for candidates that can be summed up as Republican Lite.

If you like Republican Lite, you will vote for a Republican candidate who holds similar views as those held by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you like Republican Lite, you are likely to wet your pants with glee if the Republican ticket is one of McCain as President and his running mate is Minnesota RINO Governor Tim Pawlenty as this Vice President.

Some who claim to be Conservatives in the definitive definition have made the argument - actually it's a scare tactic which is a ploy usually reserved and used exclusively by Democrats - that a Democrat in the White House for the next four years may have the opportunity to appoint as many as three members to the Supreme Court and that a Democrat will obviously nominate Liberal appointees. This argument - uh, scare tactic - is mostly one of a knee-jerk reaction because true Conservatives in the Senate would work together to thwart a Liberal appointee much as Liberals work to thwart Conservative Supreme Court nominees.

Those who claim they are Conservatives need to ask themselves who will moderate their views and work in a bipartisan manner to approve a Liberal Supreme Court nominee, a Republican Lite or a true Conservative? Supreme Court nominees are one important area where Republican Lite proves to be no friend to true Conservatives.

If you like Republican Lite, then by all means vote for one in the primary and caucus for one on Super Tuesday. If you want to continue diluting the Conservative gene pool, by all means support candidates that are Republican Lite.
Then in the future, after getting the Republican Lites elected to office, don't get upset and criticize your Republican Lite candidate for voting with the Democrats. Don't wonder why the Republican Lites are doing what they are doing, because you supported them and you knew what you were going to get by supporting them.

When was the last time a Democrat moderated their view and broke with their party ideology aligning themselves with a Conservative view? The two most recent examples that come to mind are Senator Joe Lieberman and former Senator Zell Miller. We all know how their Democrat colleagues and Democrat base treated them. They were vilified.

I say all the above without considering my politics being representative of being a Republican. I consider myself an Independent Conservative and a "small L" Libertarian. I agree with Republican ideology of a very strong Military and defense. I agree with the Republican ideology of fiscal discipline and that a smaller government is a better government; something that President George W. Bush has not demonstrated as strongly as he should or could.

Sometimes a hospital patient needs to be put into a medically induced coma before they get better and recover. It just may be that this is what needs to happen to the true Conservative ideology. I'm not the first individual to say that our body politic may have to get worse before it gets better. Our country, as sad as it is to say, may need another reminder of what a Jimmy Carter-like term does to the country before a True Conservative movement reawakens and becomes the prevailing majority in 2012.

If you want another Carter-like period, support the Republican Lite candidates.
We weathered and suffered through one of the worst four years ever experienced by our country with Carter. If we need to hit our thumb with a hammer to remind ourselves that it hurts, then Republicans will moderate their views and support candidates who are Republican Lite.

The continuing and ongoing message from those who claim they are true Conservatives who ask others to moderate and compromise their Conservative beliefs by supporting RINOs are asking nothing less than for Conservatives to choose the lesser of two evils. Once again this is, as I wrote above, the diluting of the Conservative gene pool of its core principles and convictions.

If you like and support Republican Lite candidates, perhaps you ought to vote for a Democrat and support the real thing instead of the Lite Version. If all that matters is that an "R" follows the name of the candidate and that the candidate does not adhere to the core of Conservatism, then you are no better than those who vote only for the candidate with a "D" behind their name.


Hear, hear!!! What we need is honest to goodness recession. Then I can really buy up some stocks and real estate and make a killing when the Republicans come back into power. Todays' Republicans are pathetic. Let's see what the next batch will bring. BTW, will you be caucasing (sp) tomorrow night? I thought about it. Ron Paul could use a vote or two.
"Today's Republicans are pathetic" ??

I think you must mean "todauy's RINOs are pathetic." On that, we agree.

Or are you just trying to tweak me?

Dude, you have so much money...if I had your money I'd burn mine.

I won't be attending any caucaus. The Wild play the Red Wings tonight. If that wasn't going on I probably would attend.

There needs to be across the board pay cuts and workforce reductions by 10% in all state offices, btw. You are costing the taxpayers far too much money. Why don't you get a job in the private sector instead? I'd have more respect for you...well, not that I have much now.
There are no private sector jobs left in MI.
Vote Republican lite or vote high as a kite. Same difference.
EXACTLY! I prefer the latter to the former.
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