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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spinning Michelle Obama's Words

The Liberals and Progressive are now parsing and spinning Michelle Obama's speech when she said, "For the first time in my adult lifetime I am really proud of my country."

She repeated her statement twice, at two different setting, in two different places. She had time to rethink and re-edit her statement, but she did not. It would appear she didn't even question or reconsider that it was the first time in her adult lifetime that she was really proud of her country.

Liberals and Progressives are inserting various meanings of what she meant. They are quite forgiving of Mrs. Obama which is rather odd since the Liberals and Progressives have never been as forgiving of words spoken by their political opponents.

Liberals and Progressives are saying that what she meant is for the first time she is proud of the political system; that it is the current administration and the overall mood in the country of which she is not proud. None of this is true or accurate. What she said is what she said and she meant what she said.

The Liberals and Progressives are asking us to believe that this very intelligent and educated woman made a mistake or that she said something that she didn't mean? Please...I could buy their excuses if they were talking about some newbie who just stumbled onto the American political stage, but not about Mrs. Obama.

Mrs. Obama said what she said and she meant what she said. She is, and has been, the wife of an Illinois State Senator and a United States Senator. She knows the game, she knows the process, she knows the rhetoric, she knows how to posture and pander to the base that supports her husband's candidacy. Her words were crafted, calculated, planned, vetted and approved.

It is possible she said what she said for nothing other than political purposes and the political expediency of her husband; this would not surprise me.

Michelle Obama: join her and drink the Kool-Aid

Liberals and Progressives love to remind us that "words meaning something." Except when their own Chosen Ones say. If they misspeak, then the Left says it is something that can easily be explained. No one is supposed to examine or analyze those words. Another fine, outstanding double standard brought to you, and fiercely supported by, myopic Liberals and Progressives.

If Mrs. McCain, Mrs. Huckabee, Mrs. Paul, Mrs. Romney or the wife of any other Republican politician - currently or previously in office - the Left would be talking about it nonstop. And you know what - they'd be right doing so and I'd agree with them.

So why is The Left spinning so hard to excuse Mrs. Obama's statements?

This is not about what she implied or any obscure or uncertain meaning behind her words.

Look for the Left to silence Mrs. Obama in the same way they silenced Mrs. John Kerry - Teresa Heinz - in 2004 for her public relations faux pas.



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