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Friday, February 08, 2008

Sharia Law Is Fine, Says
Archbishop of Canterbury

From BBC News:

    The Archbishop of Canterbury's desire to bring some aspects of Sharia law into the mainstream legal system is bound to prove controversial.

    But his view is that if Britain is to develop cohesive communities, the role that religion plays in the lives of some citizens must be taken seriously.

    He argues that Muslims find themselves "faced with the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty" and that Britain will only be able to come to terms with its multi-faith society if its legal system learns to adapt.


    The archbishop accepts that Sharia is often the justification for appalling legal practices and punishments - but that is not what he is calling for.

    "Nobody in their right mind would want to see in this country the kind of inhumanity that's sometimes been associated with the practice of the law in some Islamic states," Dr [Rowan] Williams says.


    Dr Williams is keen that secular states think seriously about the impact that religion has on the lives of citizens, and as such that the legal system should be adapted to accommodate such beliefs.

    He cites the example of medical professionals being able to opt out of performing abortions as an example "which is difficult to see why the principle cannot be extended in other areas".

Other things we can look forward to - because things like this are already happening due to the cultural hypersensitivity of Islam - are having to wait in check-out lines because the Muslim check-out clerk refuses, on religious grounds, to touch the vacuum-sealed
plastic container of bacon. And everyone can stand in line a little longer while a brave clerk is located, one who has the courage to touch the plastic bacon wrapping.

The story of "The Three Little Pigs" will have to be called "The Three Little Non-Pocine Creatures."

Let's not forget the good things that interweaving Sharia Law with secular law will bring, though. Ugly, fat women will be required to cover their bodies from head to toe in burkas. Strict Sharia Law will make it illegal for any woman to drive a car - why, that's worth it right there, isn't it?

Yeah...government and religion are such a great mix. If history has shown us one thing, it is that governments and countries that comingle religion into their legal and justice system last forever and their people are completely free and happy.


The reason that government and religion works...golly, just so well together is because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition:

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