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Monday, February 18, 2008

Robert Somma Defender Gets Uppity

The following is related to what I published on Sunday regarding Robert Somma.

Somma was a Federal bankruptcy judge who was picked up by the cops for driving while intoxicated after he slammed his car into a truck. The arresting officer(s) noted that Somma was wearing a cocktail dress, fishnet stockings and high heals.

Somma drove from Boston to a gay bar in Manchester, New Hampshire, because - according to reports - no one in Manchester would know who he was.

So over at Bostonnow[dot]com, Kingcast writes the following about my post and me:

    kingcast said:
    2 hours ago
    I am disheartened by the number of Internet ass hats like David Drake [Heh - I'm an "ass hat" now? Notice how Dems can never refrain from making a personal attack. - Drake] who come in to blast on Judge Somma, "he HAS to be a Democrat" while looking the other way at Larry Craig. I told him as much but I bet he doesn't publish my comment; watch him right here: http://mrssatan.blogspot.com/2008/02/robert-somma-its-drag-being-busted-...

Here is my response, which appears in the comments section of this post, me responding to a comment left there by Kingcast:

    Perhaps you have overlooked the several posts on my blog where I agreed that Larry Craig was guilty of disorderly conduct. I never excused him for it. What I said was his behavior does not warrant his resignation, nor does what he did imply with certainty that he was trying to pick someone up in a public bathroom.

    On the other hand we have Somma who was driving while intoxicated, causing a vehicular accident and collision. He was so intoxicated that according to the cops who nabbed him he passed out several times during questioning.

    The two cases are not similar in the least.

    As far as you writing I would not publish your comment, I don't know why you would make that presumption.

    Finally, lighten up and buy yourself a sense of humor.

    2:19 PM, February 18, 2008

It's a pretty minor issue how I treated Somma. Usually the holier-than-thou crowd would deplore drunken driving which is the real issue here. But because Somma wanted to play dress-up by wearing a cocktail dress, fishnet stockings and high heels - well, it makes the DUI even better fodder for ridicule.

Tell me that Democrats wouldn't be having a field day with any Republican male picked up for DUI who was wearing the same kind of women's clothing as Somma.

Look, the Democrats exploit the slightest nuance of anyone they perceive to be their enemy or opponent. I'm applying the same standard right back on them, and they don't like it.

Grow up, buy a sense of humor or quit being such hypocrites. If you don't like what gets dished back at you, then stop dishing it in the first place, witness the treatment of Larry Craig or Mark Foley.

Oh - Kingcast, please make note in the comment section of Bostonnow that I published your comment. It wouldn't be out of place for me to ask you to be fair now, would it?



Damn! You're such a controversial SOB!!
Damn! You're such a controversial SOB!!
I think you're right, David. CNN stayed on Larry Craig for nearly as long as Fox stayed on Nataleeeeeeeee Holloway.

--Don Long
Modesto, I published both your identical comments because I know you meant it in duplicate! You are so fired up!
Don, you are SPOT ON!
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